Top 9 Best Android Alcohol Delivery Apps – 2019

AH Drizly app image 1

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. That is why it’s either better to stay home if you’re drinking, or get someone to drive you home. Well, if you opt for the first one, and don’t have any alcohol at home, alcohol delivery services are always an option, as they allow you to order alcohol using their apps.

There are several really compelling alcohol-delivery services available out there. Every single one of those alcohol delivery services offers an Android app, pretty much. So, you can order whatever you want with a few simple taps on your phone’s touchscreen.

We’ve actually listed those alcohol delivery apps for you, in the list down below. Some of these apps are delivering alcohol exclusively, while others are more focused on food, but offer alcohol as well. Before you start browsing, do note that these apps are not listed in a specific order.



Saucey app image 1

Saucey is one of those apps that focuses exclusively on alcohol. This is one of the fastest alcohol-delivery services, no doubt, especially if you live near a large city in the US. In some instances, you can get your orders in under 30 minutes even! Saucey can also ship alcohol your way, if you’re nowhere near a larger city. The company’s app is quite straightforward, the design is clean, and the focus is on booze, of course. You can simply add to cart whatever you want, pay for it, and you’re good to go.



Drizly app image 1

Drizly is one of the most popular alcohol delivery apps for Android. This service is also focused on alcohol, and it is quite fast as well. It works a bit different to Saucey, though, as what you order will not be delivered to your home. In fact, you need to go to a local store in order to place an order, and there you can wait for it, or pick it up afterwards. Drizly is really fast, and it can have your order ready in under an hour, even. This is a great choice if you’re throwing a party or something of the sort.



Instacart app image 1

This service delivers both groceries and alcohol. It is focused primarily on groceries, but it delivers alcohol to many states in the US. Instacart even partnered up with Total Wine & More Deliver a while back, so you get a huge selection of vinos as well. The Instacart app is really nice-looking, and a joy to use. This service delivers groceries / alcohol to your door, you don’t have to go anywhere to pick it up.



Boxed is a delivery service for groceries and household products. This service is now available in the contiguous 48 states, though alcohol cannot be delivered to all of them. Boxed delivers alcohol to a handful of states only, including California, New York, and Massachusetts, but it will expand that service soon. Boxed has one of the best-looking Android apps on this list, and you can get your shopping done really quickly. If your order ends up crossing the $49 threshold, the shipping will be free.


DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery services, that’s for sure. Well, you can also order alcohol using this service. You can get alcohol from restaurants, stores, breweries, and so on, using this service. All you need to do is download the app, locate a restaurant (for example) from where you’d like to order alcohol, and wait for it to arrive. DoorDash delivers food / alcohol straight to your home.



Minibar app image 1

Minibar is also a service that can deliver alcohol straight to your door. This service can be really fast, depending on where you live, though. For some places, it can deliver alcohol in under an hour. The app is really well-designed, even though some problems have been having problems with it, at least based on the Play Store comments. You can also get a $10 discount for every friend you refer, and delivery scheduling is also possible.



SWILL app image 1

SWILL has one of the best-looking Android apps, as far as alcohol-delivery apps are concerned. This app connects customers with local merchants in order to speed up the alcohol-delivery process. SWILL is currently available in a bunch of major cities across the US, and it will help you skip those long lines at stores. The app has a large selection of alcohol, and it is extremely easy to use.



FreshDirect app image 1

FreshDirect is a service that focuses on groceries first, but alcohol is a part of the package as well. This service has a nice selection of wine, beer, and spirits. You can get various special deals via FreshDirect app as well, they’re not available all the time, but they do pop up from time to time. The app itself is really intuitive, and the service is available in a number of regions in the US. Including New York City area, New Jersey, Connecticut metro area, and so on.


BevMo app image 1

Bevmo! is an alcohol delivery service, which is based in California. BevMo! app offers various discounts, and using it, you can get your shopping done in no time. Curated product picks are available in the app, so that you have some help if you don’t know exactly what vine to get, for example. You can get some discounts simply by downloading this app, like a $10 discount on your first purchase of over $50.