Top 8 Best Android MLB Apps & Games – 2019

AH MLB baseball apps October 2019

MLB playoffs are right around the corner, following a rather entertaining season. If you’re a fan of MLB and baseball in general, we have some app suggestions for you. That goes for both apps and games, actually.

In the list down below, you will find several baseball-related applications, and also several games that may interest you. Some of these games are MLB specific, some are not, but they’re all worth checking out. They’re all available in the Play Store.

We’ve listed regular apps first, and they’re followed by games. Other than that, these applications are not listed in a specific order, just because one is listed before the other doesn’t really mean anything. Having said that, let’s get started, shall we.


Sports Alerts – MLB edition

Sports Alerts MLB edition app image October 2019

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with what’s going on during playoff matches, Sports Alerts app may help you. This specific app is focused only on MLB, and it can notify you when a game starts and ends, when the score changes, when lineups are posted, and in many more situations. This app also comes with a live score widget which is updated every minute. Push notifications are enabled here, and you can also check out team and player info via this app and you may want to checkout.


MLB At Bat

MLB At Bat app image October 2019

MLB At Bat is an official MLB application. Still, this app has been getting plenty of negative reviews lately. People seem to be having various issues with the application, from payments, to notifications, and so on. When it works as it should, though, this app is quite compelling, It brings a ton of info when it comes to MLB, and if you subscribe, you can watch MLB matches live, amongst other things.



SofaScore app image October 2019

SofaScore is a general live score app. This app is not only focused on MLB, but baseball is a part of the picture. This is one of the most popular live score applications for Android, and it comes with a dark theme. You can set up various push notifications in this application, and the app covers a ton of different sports. You can keep track of football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and so on.


MLB 9 Innings 19

MLB 9 Innings 19 app image October 2019

MLB 9 Innings 19 is the latest game in the series. This is one of the most realistic baseball games available for Android, and one of the best-looking ones. This game offers an arcade mode as well, if you’d like a somewhat different gaming experience. You can play the league mode as well here, and the graphics are really good as well. The controls are not difficult to learn either, though it does take a bit of time to master them.


Homerun King – Pro Baseball

Homerun King Pro Baseball app image October 2019

Homerun King – Pro Baseball is one of the most entertaining baseball games for Android. This game doesn’t take itself seriously, which is probably why it’s so fun. The game offers cartoonish graphics, and the whole point of it is for you to hit a homerun. You can get power-ups by achieving various combos, and you’re not living to regular baseball bats hare. As you progress, you’ll get access to various other items, such as a huge hammer, for example.


Blocky Baseball

Blocky Baseball app image October 2019

Blocky Baseball is a batting game, like Homerun King, but different. The controls in this game are quite simple, and blocky graphics are quite nice as well. In this game, you can collect various different characters. The better you do in the batting department, the quicker you’ll be able to collect those characters. Instant replays are available, while various different fields and weather effects are also included.



BASEBALL 9 app image October 2019

BASEBALL 9 is a fact-paced baseball arcade. This game is trying to make pitching and fielding as fun as batting, and it’s kind of succeeding at that. This game allows you to play base running manually, and offers comprehensive player statistics. BASEBALL 9 also allows you to customize your players by changing their faces, picking equipment, and so on. The graphics are also quite nice, though the developer is aiming at fun characters, not realistic ones.

Real Baseball 3D

Real Baseball 3D app image October 2019

Real Baseball 3D is a baseball simulation game. This game is trying to be as realistic as possible, and the same goes for its graphics as well. Controls are really easy to understand, as the game uses one-touch controls. You can customize your team in detail, and it also allows you to create your own fantasy team with 700 players. You can play quick matches here, or dive into a full season if you’d like.