The HTC Exodus 1 Now Has Bitcoin Cash Support

HTC Exodus Official 3

HTC is bringing Bitcoin Cash support to the Exodus 1. 

That means owners of the Exodus 1 are going to have another choice for a crypto wallet on their smartphone. It’s going to be pre-installed on the Exodus 1, so you won’t need to worry about downloading another digital wallet. 

HTC has stated that new Exodus 1 phones will be sold with Bitcoin Cash installed out-of-the-box. While existing Exodus 1 smartphones are going to get an update that will enable the new feature. 

Advertisement and HTC are planning to continue their partnership as well. HTC has said that one of the future plans includes special discounts for those paying for phones using Bitcoin Cash. There could also be Exodus smartphones sold on in the near future, through this partnership. 

HTC also expanded security and privacy options on the Exodus 1. That includes a new partnership with Opera Mobile, which is promising to strip away the data-mining middlemen and increasing the level of privacy and security through the phone’s web browser. 

It’s going to use a transparent peer-to-peer service to do this. Which HTC is referring to as the “decentralized web.”

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The HTC Exodus 1 is the company’s first Blockchain smartphone that is made for cryptocurrency. It’s more secure than most other smartphones on the market today, which is why it’s good for storing cryptocurrencies on it. 

The phone itself is very similar to the HTC U12. Which runs regular Android. Of course, the Exodus 1 does not. It runs Android, but a very customized version that is much more secure. It has a 6-inch Quad HD+ 18:9 aspect ratio, along with the Snapdragon 845 chipset inside with 6GB of RAM. There is also 128GB of storage, which is plenty of space for a ton of apps. 

It’s not a cheap phone, and it’s the only phone that you can’t buy with physical money. You can only buy it with Bitcoin or Ethereum. It costs 0.15 BTC, which is equivalent to around $1,193 USD today. That makes it more expensive than the Galaxy Note 10+ and the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. That’s pretty insane when you think about it. But because the price is based on Bitcoin, the price does fluctuate pretty regularly. Earlier today, it would have been under $1100 USD, but since Bitcoin went up in price, so did the price of this phone.