Swipe-To-Text Function Rolling Out To Grammarly Keyboard


There are a lot of great keyboard apps for Android, and Grammarly is one of them. Well, Grammarly Keyboard just became even better, as the company added swipe-to-text functionality.

Swipe-to-text is an option on many keyboards out there, including Gboard, SwiftKey, and many more popular keyboards. It's one of the essential features for some users, as it makes typing with one hand rather easy.

Grammarly Keyboard's swipe-to-text feature will seem familiar to some of you

Swipe-to-text does take some getting used to, but once you do that, it makes your typing experience better. This feature just started rolling out to Grammarly Keyboard, so we didn't really get a chance to test it out properly just yet.


Based on some initial usage, though, it seems to be rather accurate. In case you're interested in seeing how it looks like in usage,we've included an animated image down below.

Grammarly Keyboard has been available for Android for a while, and it took the company quite a bit of time to push out the swipe-to-text option. The keyboard initially launched way back in December 2017.

Grammarly Inc. did continue adding features to the app since then. When it launched, it was a rather barebones keyboard. It has quite a few interesting features at this point, though.


Back in August this year, the company added something rather interesting to Grammarly Keyboard. The keyboard started including synonyms for words you type, which can be quite useful.

This application is currently holding a 4.3-star rating in the Play Store, after over 48,000 reviews. The app has been downloaded well over 5 million times at this point. Users seem to be quite satisfied with its performance thus far.

All you need to download and install this application is an Android device with Android 5.0+. The app is completely free to download, and it does not include ads.


This keyboard comes with a sophisticated grammar checker, contextual spelling checker, and more

This keyboard includes a 'sophisticated grammar checker', along with contextual spelling checker, and advanced punctuation correction. Vocabulary enhancements are also included.

Grammarly Keyboard will even offer you explanations for your mistakes. Those explanations are quite short, but you'll get a good idea why the app highlighted something.

If you'd like to download and install Grammarly Keyboard, in order to check it out, along with its swipe-to-text feature, you can do so via the link provided down below.


Download Grammarly Keyboard (Google Play Store)

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