Stadia Will Get Darksiders Genesis Before Consoles

Darksiders Genesis Art

Stadia will be getting Darksiders Genesis before consoles, according to the game’s publishers THQ Nordic.

The big announcement was made by the studio over on its official Twitter earlier this week. Stating that it would be coming to both Stadia and PC platforms later this year.

For fans of the franchise eager to give this a try, this is a big deal if they play on Stadia or PC. Considering the game is slated for release on its console platforms in February.


Darksiders Genesis lands on Stadia on December 5

When it comes to the exact release date, THQ Nordic says it will be December 5. That’s a whole two months and then some before it comes to consoles.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will be getting the game officially on February 14. Steam will get the game the same day as Stadia. So if you prefer games on that platform, you can still pick it up there.



This is a big win for Stadia. Darksiders Genesis is the first big title that isn’t coming from an indie developer which Stadia will have somewhat exclusive rights to for a period of time.

This would seem to show that it’s not just indie developers and smaller studios who believe in the power of Stadia as a platform.


Keep in mind you’ll need Stadia Founders or Premier bundles

The one caveat, for some, is that you will still need to be a Stadia Founder or own the Stadia Premier bundle. Founders bundles are already sold out. So your chances at playing this on December 5 rest solely on getting the Premier bundle.

Since it’s October 24, there’s still plenty of time to grab the package if you’re wanting to play Stadia games right away. And once the service goes live on November 19, that will still give you a couple weeks before this new title launches.

For those not familiar with the Darksiders franchise, this latest installment lets you play as Strife, the fourth horseman. The previous three games center around Fury, Death, and War.


War also makes an appearance in this game as its second playable character. Players who opt to go through the game’s co-op mode can have the roles split so that each character is controlled by a separate player.

Darksiders Genesis is also a bit different from previous games in the series. It’s more of a top-down action hack and slash game. Whereas the others had more of a third-person view from behind the character.