Some Assistant Users Are Getting Free Google Home Mini Speakers


Google is apparently giving away from Google Home Mini speakers for free.

To get one, all you have to do is use some of Google's services, like Assistant or YouTube. That being said, not everyone who uses these services will get a free Google Home Mini. According to a report from Android Police, Google is randomly sending out the speakers to users.

Images from those Google has offered the gift to show that the alerts are surfacing inside of these apps.


Google Home Mini speakers are free, shipping is not

The Google Home Mini speaker costs nothing. The shipping and handling however is another story.

Google's notifications about the free product note that users will need to pay for the shipping costs. This will vary depending on where the user lives, but altogether it probably isn't that expensive.

Chances are that for most users it will be less than $10. Considering the regular cost of the Home Mini, which is $50, that's not bad at all. Especially if you actually have a use for this in your home.


It's not clear if only the Charcoal color is available, but that's the one shown in one user's order. The one used in Google's image for the offer though is the Chalk color. So perhaps users will have a choice at which one they get.

If users are given a choice, they'll presumably get to select between Chalk, Charcoal, Coral, and Aqua color options.

Google has given away Home Minis before

This wouldn't be the first time Google has given away its mini smart speaker for free. It's done so before and it will probably do so again in the future.


When would be anyone's guess, but the next time probably won't be until after this product event happening on October 15. Google hasn't confirmed that its announcing a new smart speaker to replace the Home Mini next week, but it is suspected by users.

If that's the case, then Google probably wants to get rid of as many units of the older model as possible. So far it looks like users have been seeing these offers inside of the Google app.

In addition, it's popped up inside of the YouTube app as well for users who subscribe to YouTube Premium. Users can of course refuse the gift and say no thanks. If you're not planning on using it, then it would probably sit around anyway, and you may as well save on the shipping cost.