Samsung Highlights Galaxy Note 10's New Bixby Vision Features

Samsung Bixby AH NS 02

It's been nearly two months since Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 10, and the company seems to be in no mood to let the excitement around it die just yet. As a way to promote the latest Galaxy Note flagship, Samsung decided to highlight and discuss at length about one of the less-talked features on its smartphones – Bixby Vision.

Bixby Vision is a part of Samsung’s AI assistant Bixby. It leverages the smartphone’s cameras and sensors to enhance the user experience through augmented reality (AR). Bixby Vision lets you try on cosmetics before you buy them, count the calories on the plate of food in front of you, extract or translate text, search for images similar to what your camera sees, shop for those items, and plenty more.

Samsung says the Galaxy Note 10 now takes "creativity and productivity to the next level" with its enhanced Bixby Vision. The handset also packs a pro-grade camera, the company's "best display yet", and a better-than-ever S Pen.


Bixby Vision's new features

To start with, Samsung talks about a feature called Home Decor that lets you decorate your living spaces with virtual furniture. The company has partnered with home decor store Wayfair to bring you the Home Decor feature on Bixby Vision. You can place virtual Wayfair furniture in the space that you’re planning to put them to see how it will look like in real life. Once you've finalized on a piece of furniture, Bixby Vision will let you order the item through Wayfair and have it shipped to your doorstep.

Bixby HomeDecor1

You can also use the Home Decor feature to virtually place Samsung appliances in your kitchen or laundry room. The Galaxy Note 10's camera’s depth-sensing powers ensure that the items are to scale.

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Styling is another new Bixby Vision feature that lets you find the right items. But instead of helping you find the right furniture, this particular feature helps you find the right pair of sunglasses. In partnership with Ray-Ban, Bixby Vision lets you virtually try on various Ray-Ban sunglasses on your selfie shots. You can try different looks and styles and even check for discounts. You can then purchase the one that suits you best through the Ray-Ban store.

Bixby Styling1

Bixby Vision can already translate multiple lines of texts. Just point the camera on a text and Bixby Vision's Live Translation feature will translate it to your desired output language. Samsung says an Enhanced Live Translation now supports 54 input languages and 104 output languages so that "you can read signs and menus all over the world."


Bixby Translate1

Lastly, Bixby Vision's new Picture Play feature turns movie posters into trailers. Just point your Galaxy Note 10's camera at a movie poster, billboard, or an ad and you’ll get details like cast, movie ratings, plot overview, etc. You can even watch the trailer. Bixby Vision will overlay the video on the physical poster in front of you.

Opens up the door for more

Features like Home Decor, Styling, and Picture Play are new to Bixby Vision and are limited to certain capabilities. However, there's every possibility that Samsung would add more features working on similar principles to Bixby Vision.


Styling and Home Decor, for instance, could be expanded to other brands as well as items. The Picture Play feature could also go beyond movie posters. It'd be interesting to see what Samsung comes up with next.