Samsung Galaxy S11 Will Launch Prior To MWC 2020: Rumor


According to a new piece of information, the Samsung Galaxy S11 may arrive prior to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020. According to the source, the Galaxy S11 press event is scheduled for the "third week of February".

The Galaxy S11 may land before MWC 2020

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona officially starts on February 23. Now, based on the info provided by the source, the Galaxy S11 will probably launch on February 18 (Tuesday), before MWC 2018 kicks off.

That was, Samsung would have several days of press coverage for its brand new Galaxy S11 flagship series, before MWC 2020 officially starts. That is probably what will happen.


Samsung is no stranger to launching its flagships during separate events prior to tradeshows. The Galaxy Note 10 series arrived prior to IFA, and the same happened with the Galaxy S10 series, as it arrived before MWC 2019.

Samsung did announce several other flagship smartphones during separate events, but it also announced a bunch of them during tradeshows. The Galaxy S6, S7, and S9 arrived during MWC, as did several flagship devices before that. These are just some examples.

It is still October, so we're still pretty far away from the Galaxy S11 launch. The Galaxy Note 10 series phones are still considered to be brand new, pretty much.


Still, quite a bit of info surfaced regarding the Galaxy S11 already, though who knows how accurate it is.

Three different Galaxy S11 units expected

The Galaxy S11 may arrive in three variants, the same as the Galaxy S10. The Galaxy S11, S11+, and S11e may become a thing, but who knows, Samsung may change its mind by then.

All Galaxy S11 series devices are expected to ship with the Snapdragon 865. That is Qualcomm's flagship SoC which is expected to arrive before the end of the year.


At least the US and China variants are expected to ship with that SoC, the upcoming Exynos 9830 is expected to fuel the Galaxy S11 series in Europe and India.

All Galaxy S11 variants are expected to ship with at least 8GB of RAM, and Android 10 out of the box. On top of Android 10, you'll also get Samsung's custom UI, the so-called One UI.

The Galaxy S11 series is also expected to include a display camera hole. That hole will be smaller than the one on the Galaxy S10 and Note 10. A 108-megapixel camera may be included on the back of the Galaxy S11. The device is also rumored to be able to provide 5x optical zoom. These are just early rumors at this point, more info will follow in the coming months.