Samsung's Galaxy Fold Debacle Continues With New Branding Issue


Samsung's Galaxy Fold now seems to be entering a new phase on the branding issue front, following reports that at least one of the foldable gadgets has already started falling apart in its user's hands. While the issue isn't too drastic, the user in question took to Twitter to show the stamped brand on their device had started falling out.

For clarity, the letters that make up the "Samsung" branding along the external edge are already falling out. Samsung only just rereleased the device to market in early September. So far, the user's Samsung Galaxy Fold, shown in the tweet, has lost its "A" and "U," leaving behind nothing more than grooves on the phone's surface.

It isn't immediately clear whether the issue is a one-off or relatively limited in scope. Samsung hasn't released a statement of any kind and reports that the letters fall off easily aren't widespread. But that doesn't necessarily mean this isn't a serious problem.


Somebody probably should have caught this

The most likely culprit behind the missing letters is likely the adhesive used to hold those in place. That's if Samsung used an adhesive to keep those in place. But there's no official indication as to exactly what the underlying problem is.

The real problem here is that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has already suffered one branding issue after another.

Predominantly, that stems from severe oversight on the company's part with a planned test rollout of the gadget. The hinge and screen on that initial device were both riddled with the build quality and durability problems. There was also the matter of a screen-protecting layer that was too easy to remove by accident.


Samsung Galaxy Fold hit shelves with a price starting at $1890. That's a hefty cost for the device, especially since it's still comparatively fragile even after being redesigned.

The smaller apparent oversight for the branding that's stamped into the device is effectively icing on a very bad cake. The damage to the Galaxy Fold's reputation was already done. News that somebody at Samsung missed an adhesive problem on the lettering only dredges all of that back up in the minds of consumers.

Is Samsung going to fix its branding on Galaxy Fold

If further reports crop up about letters falling off, Samsung is going to have a much bigger image problem. The missing letters effectively take a device that costs as much as some used cars and makes it look cheap. There's also not a lot that users can do themselves to rectify or prevent it from happening.


To prevent the issue, Samsung may ultimately need to change the adhesive its using in production. Conversely, it may simply change the way the letters are added, to begin with. It could, for instance, put the letters under the overlying material instead of engraving them. That would mean future devices are less likely to have the branding falling off or going missing. But that doesn't do much to help any users who might already be experiencing this.