Samsung Finalized Galaxy S11 Design & Specifications: Tipster


The Samsung Galaxy S11 will, without a doubt, be one of the most anticipated phones of 2020. Well, it seems like Samsung has finalized its design and specifications, according to a tipster.

Ice Universe shared this info, a very well-known industry insider. He did not share any specifications or anything of the sort, but this basically hints that we will start seeing more Galaxy S11 leaks in the near future.

We don't know how many Galaxy S11 models are coming, nor if they will share the same design

The source also did not mention how many Galaxy S11 models can we expect in 2020. Samsung will, almost certainly, release more than one Galaxy S11 handset.


It remains to be seen will it go down a similar road like last year, and release three of them plus a 5G model, or will we see a different setup with less phones.

One thing is for sure, all Galaxy S11 devices that Samsung ends up releasing will be flagship-grade phones.

This year, Samsung announced the Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, and S10 5G. The Galaxy S10e was the most affordable Galaxy S10 phone, and one that most people praised quite a bit. The Galaxy S10 5G, on the other hand, had limited availability.


Samsung is not expected to make many design changes in 2020, at least as far as the Galaxy S11 is concerned (compared to the S10). The Galaxy S11 handsets will probably include display camera holes again, though the internals may change quite a bit, especially the camera hardware.

Samsung is tipped to push the photography on its phones to the next level with the Galaxy S11. That is according to the same tipster that shared today's news.

The Galaxy S11's camera will "blow you away"

Back in August, Ice Universe said that the Galaxy S11 camera will "blow you away". He said that the Galaxy S11 will bring "something that has never been seen before".


That sounds great, but he did not elaborate on what that means. Well, some rumors before that, suggested that the phone may offer 5x optical zoom. Some even suggested that it will include a periscope-style camera setup with crazy zoom capabilities.

The most interesting rumor regarding the Galaxy S11 camera system mentions a liquid aperture lens. Such lenses can change their spherical curvatures when current is applied. This will make it possible for the phone to make extremely fast changes in focal points.

These are only guesses at this point, as none of these rumors have been confirmed yet. It remains to be seen what is Samsung planning, but we're having high hopes for its camera setup. Other than that, the phone is expected to include high-end specs, like its predecessors.