Retailers Can Soon Use Samsung Phones As Contactless POS Systems


Samsung phones will soon be the POS systems in some major retailers. A new partnership between the electronics manufacturer and contactless payment company Mobeewave aims to roll this system out globally.

Samsung announced a few details of this partnership On October 15. It also noted that it has already been testing the use of this system at retailers in Canada.

Retailers seem to be jumping on board with enthusiasm, too. The pilot of this tool was so popular that the Samsung POS app was downloaded over 10,000 times. Which is a fairly big collection of retailers willing to try it out.


Samsung phones will need NFC and a specific app to be used as a POS system

Referred to as mPOS payments, Samsung and Mobeewave will roll out NFC-enabled Samsung devices to retailers. Those devices will house an app called Samsung POS.

It's this specific application, along with the NFC technology, that will allow the device to accept contactless mobile payments.

It won't just be limited to Samsung Pay either. While it will be able to take payments from that platform, it will also accept Google Pay and Apple Pay as well. This leads to a platform agnostic approach that will work for just about any consumer. Regardless of what digital wallet service they use.


These mPOS systems will use absolutely no additional hardware

The big deal with this is that the systems will need no additional hardware. The smartphone will be the only device that a retailer needs. No dongles or cables will need to be plugged in.

This means less stuff that could potentially break or act up. Which should lead to a longer period of time with nothing but smooth transactions. It also means retailers will have less stuff to worry about losing.

With the mPOS system in place, retailers can simply have customers tap their smartphone to the Samsung device and voila.


The official rollout has already started

Samsung already started rolling this tool out officially. That being said, the roll out is still limited to Canada. Samsung says that it won't begin to expand the system to other markets until sometime in 2020.

Retailers will also need to do a little bit of work to set this up, once it becomes available. That work will consist merely of downloading the Samsung POS app onto a designated device. The app can be downloaded from the Galaxy App store or Google Play.

Once the app is downloaded, a short signup process follows to register as a merchant. From there, retailers can then start accepting contactless digital wallet payments.