Remote Play Is Now Live On Nearly All Android Devices

Sony PS4 Remote Play AM AH 1

Sony’s Remote Play app and feature is now live on nearly all Android devices. This means if you have a non-Sony phone that meets one or two requirements, you can use the feature.

All of this works because the PS4 just received its version 7.0 system update, and part of that was expanding Remote Play’s device compatibility list. As far as the requirements go, you only need to have Android 5.0 and up, and working internet.

Remote Play is now live & that means mobile PS4 games

Remote Play is probably one of the PS4’s best features, yet it’s highly underrated. That’s not completely without merit though. Part of the reason the feature is looked down upon from time to time is because of its quality.


While Remote Play does work, working well requires the best of internet connections. If you don’t have an extremely strong Wi-Fi connection, your best option is to keep the PS4 connected through LAN cables. Which is hardwiring it to the router.

Your Android device can still connect through wireless, obviously. In these conditions, you should have no problems streaming games to the device you have connected.

If however, your PS4 is connected via Wi-Fi, you may run into connection issues, laggy streaming, and bad framerates.


The DualShock 4 doesn’t work with every Android device

With Remote Play’s compatibility now expanded out to nearly all Android devices, you might be tempted to pick up your DualShock 4 and start gaming. Not so fast, as the DualShock 4 did not get the same compatibility expansion.

It won’t be officially supported for as many devices as Remote Play is now. That being the case means you might still have to play with the on-screen digital controls that Remote Play offers. If you have a device with a large screen, this really isn’t an issue.

If your screen is smaller though this is a little harder to use. Officially the PS4 Remote Play app in Google Play says the DualShock 4 supports Sony Xperia devices and the Pixel 3 series devices. It does also work with the Pixel 2 series too, even though it isn’t listed.


This isn’t to be confused with the controller being able to connect with phones and tablets. You can connect it to your device for use with Android games that support gamepads. However, Remote Play itself seems to only support a handful of new devices.

For instance, connecting it to the ASUS ROG Phone II for use with Remote Play doesn’t work.

However you decide to play your games using Remote Play, the app is live on the Play Store and you can grab it now.