Puzzle & Dragons Collaborates With Monster Hunter Starting Today


Puzzle & Dragons is getting a collaboration with Monster Hunter.

The new integration event is to promote the release of Iceborne. Which is the new expansion for Monster Hunter World from Capcom.

This is also not the first collaboration of the two games, as Monster Hunter has been featured in Puzzle & Dragons before.


Puzzle & Dragons will have Monster Hunter content until Oct. 20

The collaboration event started on October 7 officially, so it's already been live for a day.

It will continue to run throughout most of the month. Specifically it'll stay live through October 20. So you have a couple of weeks to enjoy the Monster Hunter content.

Since this is Monster Hunter some of the collaboration content will include the ability to hunt down monsters from that game.


These are said to be "some of the most fearsome creatures in Monster Hunter history," so expect there to be some sort of challenge should you come across them.

Some of these creatures will also be appearing in Puzzle & Dragons for the first time.

There are three new monsters in total it seems

Most of the monsters coming to Puzzle & Dragons for this event are from past collaborations. There are new monsters being included, but it seems there may only be three of them. At least from what's listed. New monsters included as part of this new collaboration are Velkhana, Alatreon, and Furious Rajang.


Past monsters will include Amatsu, Rathalos, Rathian, Tigrex and more. New monsters aren't the only thing being added to Puzzle & Dragons with this collaboration though. Players will also have the ability to acquire hunters in the monster exchange, including the new Female Hunter Athena with non-gear.

The monsters exchange will also give chances at the past Male Hunter 'Zeus' with Giga Gear, and the past Female Hunter 'Valkyrie' with Ciel Gear. Players can also use the Monster Hunter Memorial Egg Machine during this event. The first pull when you login will be free, while subsequent pulls will cost in-game currency.

It's also possible that players will get a free pull each day of the event. So it might be worth logging in daily to grab that if you play Puzzle & Dragons.


Players will also get a free pull on the Egg Machine if they finish all ten floors of the event's new Monster Hunter quest. This will be a 10-floor quest, with each of the floors offering fixed rewards after completion.

There are new assist evolutions as well, and some discounts on item bundles.