Pokémon Masters Launches Co-Op Rally Event With Special Rewards


Pokémon Masters is holding a special Co-Op Battle Rally event starting today.

Players who participate in the event, meaning they login to play the game during its availability, will be able to get special rewards.

Officially, the co-op battle rally began yesterday evening at 11PM PST. But, for those who haven't logged in since then this is your first chance at getting in on the action.


Pokémon Masters Co-Op Battle Rally lasts for ten days

The battle rally is underway. If you've already had a chance to login and play today then you have a head start. If you haven't been able to play yet though, don't stress too much.

The co-op battle rally event will last for an entire ten days. So you have plenty of time to login and check it out throughout this week and next week. Officially the event will end on October 16 at 10:59PM PST.

The main idea for the rally is to introduce co-op battle missions for players. Meaning you can team up with other players to battle other trainers and their sync pairs.


Completing co-op missions nets you rewards

During these missions, all players will need to do is complete one co-op battle. Should you be able to finish one of these missions, you'll get a reward.

As for what the rewards are, they'll be in-game items that can be used to train your sync pairs. These will be useful in helping you make your sync pairs more powerful.

And, in addition to that you can help the Pokémon that are part of them learn more abilities. As part of the event DeNA and The Pokémon Company are also increasing the amount of times you can replay supercourses.


Supercourses afford you things like more coins and other materials. These can be used for strengthening sync pairs as well.

One thing for players to keep in mind is that Missions and events, both of which play into the Co-Op Battle Rally, are only available after certain points in the game. To access events and missions you will need to complete at least chapter 2 within the main story part of the game.

The good thing is this doesn't take long. Getting through chapter 2 should takes less than an hour to an hour and a half. Since the event only lasts until the 16th of this month, you will definitely want to play past this section of the game sooner than later.


This way you can access the event content as soon as possible.