Pokémon GO To Get Three New Team Rocket Villains


Pokémon GO is in for trouble soon, although this time it won't just be double, as the game is having three new Team Rocket villains added.

The official Pokémon GO Twitter page recently unveiled the coming of these new characters. So far there isn't much detail on how they will impact the game. However Niantic has shared a little information about them.

Pokémon GO is being invaded by admins of Team Rocket

The three new villains being added into the game are admins of Team Rocket. Niantic has shared some images of what each character looks like, noting that the images were discovered by Professor Willow in a "corrupted file."


Their names are Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff, and it's unclear still how they will affect the game world. It's possible that players will end up having to battle them after chance encounters following their arrival. Each admin is also accompanied by a shadow Pokémon.

While that might not seem like a big deal just yet, players should expect the chance to capture these Pokémon if the admins are defeated.

It's also important to remember that no matter how good the chances are that new shadow Pokémon will be added into the game, Niantic hasn't confirmed anything just yet. Which means it's entirely possible that there won't be any new shadow Pokémon to speak of. Then again, the company is teasing them pretty heavily in the image from its announcement.


This is the second appearance of Team Rocket in the game

Team Rocket has appeared in the game before. Niantic actually added Team Rocket into Pokémon GO back at the end of July.

Those members of Team Rocket were just grunts. Essentially lower level minions. These three new villains are admins, which probably means that battles with them will be tougher.

That's also assuming that players do end up having to battle them. If they do, players may have to battle more grunts first, with the admins appearing as bosses directly after.


It's also possible that since players have been able to battle grunts since July, the admins may now be showing up as the new Team Rocket threat without the grunts.