Pokémon GO Is Getting A Ranked PvP System Next Year

Pokemon GO PVP AH

Pokémon GO is all set to get an enhancement to its PvP battles with a new ranked system that will be launching in the future.

The system is called GO Battle League, and Niantic says it will launch it in 2020. Right now, there is no exact release date, just sometime next year.

However, the fact that it’s coming at all probably makes trainers happy. The older the game gets, the better it gets as Niantic adds more features to it. To be clear though, PvP already exists in the game as Trainer Battles. So this will be different a few ways.


The ranked system will arrive in Pokémon GO in “early” 2020

Niantic may not have shared an exact date, but it did give a window. The ranked system will arrive in the game in early 2020.

That could still make for a wide range when it comes to launch. However that also likely means that the feature will arrive before May. As May is closer to mid 2020 than early 2020.

Niantic did also share that it’s looking to elaborate on GO Battle League in the near future. It hasn’t said when it will share more details, but it does note that it will be as part of a Dev Insights Video.


This means it probably won’t be the only thing discussed in the video, and could point to more features being brought up at that time.

Earning entry into the GO Battle League requires walking

You’ll need to walk around a bit and explore to earn entry into the GO Battle League. That shouldn’t surprise or bother anyone, given the nature of the game itself.

Once players are rewarded with entry, they’ll be able to battle other players from around the world. Battles will be done online, and will work through a matching system. Presumably in a way that matches you up with players that are of like-level.


This should avoid players having to go up against opponents who are impossible to beat. Though no trainer should shy away from a challenge, there’s a difference between facing a difficult opponent and one that is too high level to damage.

Hopefully players will be matched in a way that is fair. Niantic says that it wants the new GO Battle League to make the PvP aspect of Pokémon GO more competitive. And chances are this will probably do the trick.

It could also open up doors for future Esports events. Though time will tell, and would probably depend on how popular the feature is.