Pixel 4 Price Will Be Unchanged From Pixel 3 According To Leak


A new leak has surfaced suggesting that the Pixel 4 would start at a price of $799. The post also mentions that this will be the beginning price. Which means that costs will only go up from there.

The leak also mentions that the Pixel 4 XL will start at $899. This is instead of $999 which was the price leaked previously to this new cost.

The Pixel 4 price leak hints that prices are unchanged

If the prices are accurate, then the cost of each phone remains unchanged from last year's models. With the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, the prices started at $799 and $899 respectively.


Prices also only went up based on how much storage you wanted for either device. So if you need more room for images, apps, and games, then you would pay more for it.

Up till the last couple of days the prices were one of the only things that weren't leaked about Google's new phones. Now that isn't the case, leaving the release date one of the things that is still a complete mystery.

With the unveiling tomorrow however it's likely Google will officially share that information. One thing that is still unknown is how many price variants will be available.


No doubt Google will have more than one storage option for consumers. So although the $799 and $899 will be starting prices, customers should expect there to be more expensive versions of each phone.

The Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL will come in at least three colors

As past leaks have already shown, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will come in at least three colors. These will be the Oh So Orange, Quite Black, and Clearly White.

There have been some rumors suggesting that other colors would be available as well. So far however, the only ones that seem to be legitimate are the three colors mentioned above.


One thing to keep in mind about these prices is that they aren't confirmed yet. Google will probably officially announce the prices tomorrow, and they may be the same as these leaked prices. They could also be higher.

Especially considering the soli radar chip that will be integrated into the phone's front face. That and other new features, along with the build materials may warrant a slightly higher cost for each device. Even if consumers want the prices to drop.

Whatever the prices are, consumers will still end up paying. Because Google's phone are more popular now and they'll be available at more carriers.