Motorola Teases New RAZR Phone Announcement For November 13

Motorola Razr 2019 leak 111

Motorola seems to be teasing a new RAZR phone announcement for the near future.

Based on an invite that was received by CNET, Motorola has something to unveil on November 13.

The invite is a short GIF which shows the side of the original RAZR phone. The device is quickly peeled away to reveal an entirely new device. Suspected to be the rumored RAZR followup with a foldable display.


The event invite further hints at a new Motorola RAZR

The image included with the invite is enough to heavily suggest the event is about the RAZR. But the invite further hints at this being the case.

CNET points out that the invite was accompanied by a message that says “you’re going to flip.” The original RAZR was a flip phone. Well before the era of smartphones. It was also ridiculously thin, and it came in a metal phone casing. These were its iconic features.

There’s no telling how thin the new RAZR will be. Or what material will be used for the outside casing of the device. However, that’s not the important part. The key detail is the “you’ll flip” statement. Along with the image of an old RAZR being peeled away to reveal a new phone. Which is clearly folded in half.


Suspicions of a new RAZR phone have been looming for a while

Hints, leaks, and suspicions of a new RAZR phone have been around for a little while. Leaks of what are allegedly the phone leaning against the retail packaging popped up in late April of this year.

And just at the end of last month it was reported that the RAZR would be launching before the end of 2019. Taking this into consideration along with the leak, it seems pretty likely that the event is for the iconic RAZR’s return.

November 13 is a mere month and a half away from the end of the year. And if Motorola wants to release the phone before December 31 of 2019 it’ll need a little time to announce the device. This makes November 13 a good date.


It’s long enough after Google’s Made By Google event, where it officially announced the Pixel 4. This would give Motorola the spotlight, which it no doubt wants to shine all over its new foldable RAZR.

It’s also far enough in advance of the end of 2019 so Motorola would have enough time to get retail units in and shipped to anyone who might buy the phone.