Minecraft Earth Early Access Begins Today With Iceland & New Zealand

Minecraft Earth 1

Minecraft Earth early access is starting as of today, and it’s beginning the rollout with Iceland and New Zealand.

The official Minecraft Earth twitter detailed the start of the rollout around 10:45 AM on October 17. It also mentions that any users who aren’t citizens of either of those regions should stay tuned for future updates.

Microsoft confirmed that early access for Minecraft Earth would be starting in mid to late October. And it seems to be right on schedule.


Minecraft Earth early access rollouts will go from country to country

Although early access for the official Minecraft AR game is limited to these two regions for now, it’ll be available elsewhere soon. Additional rollouts for early access will go from country to country.

Microsoft doesn’t mention when exactly it will expand the early access list. Interested players shouldn’t have to wait long though. However, anyone wishing to get early access should definitely do at least a couple of things.

One – anyone who wants early access should make sure to sign up for the beta. Two – keep an eye on the official Minecraft Earth twitter account. As this is where any new countries being added will be pointed out first.


There’s still no word on an official launch date

Early access is finally here, but there’s still been no confirmation on an official launch date. The game is set to release sometime before the end of this year though. So it will presumably release in 2019 if everything is able to stay on schedule

If you think about that, it’s likely that early access will rollout to more countries pretty quickly. Because it’s already the middle of October and that leaves just two and half months left of the year

The only questions are when will the next country be included and what country will that be.


Minecraft Earth, for those unfamiliar, is powered by augmented reality and will allow you to build and create like never before. It boasts new features that aren’t available in the regular Minecraft game, and brings the world of Minecraft to life.

It’s also likely to be the first mega hit AR game that isn’t developed by Niantic, the studio behind the massively popular Pokémon GO. Some even speculate that it may be more popular than Niantic’s offerings, and that’s not impossible.

Minecraft Earth will be a free game when it launches. It should also be ad-free and IAP-free.