MARVEL & Kabam Reveal Real-Time Action RPG At New York Comic-Con

MARVEL Realm of Champions

MARVEL today revealed a new mobile game at New York Comic-Con in partnership with Kabam.

The game is called MARVEL Realm of Champions, and will be released sometime in 2020. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s very similar to the other MARVEL/Kabam mobile title – MARVEL Contest of Champions.

Though, based on the description the two games will be very different.


MARVEL will reveal more at Comic-Con during its games panel

Right now all MARVEL has released in regards to information about the game is the title, and its genre along with a few gameplay details. It’s also released a teaser/announcement trailer which can be seen below.

MARVEL is getting ready to announce more details about the game though. It plans to unveil more information at its games panel at New York Comic-Con on October 4 at 12PM PST, so there won’t be too long of a wait.

As described by MARVEl and Kabam, Realm of Champions will be a real-time action role playing game. In it, players will be able to become their own super hero and “conquer the Battleworld.” Realm of Champions will also have both PvE and PvP modes for players to engage in.


Players will battle it out in localized battle arenas

Neither MARVEL nor Kabam have said much about what the gameplay is like, at least not in any detailed manner. What they have said is that players will be engaging in arena combat.

To elaborate a little further, players will battle it out in localized battle arenas, with maps taking on the design of MARVEL-inspired landscapes. The terminology being used makes it sound like the game could be a MOBA or something similar.

Though, typically MOBA games have teams of five, and the only visuals available appear to suggest that players will have a team of three heroes.


Really, what the gameplay is like is anyone’s guess, and perhaps MARVEL’s reveal on October 4 will shed some more light on this.

In addition to arena combat, players will be able to side with specific hero factions in the game when they create their character. Factions in the game will be referred to as houses, and houses will include the House of Iron, Spider-Guild, Patriot Garrison, and Pyramid X among others.

MARVEL Realm of Champions is most likely going to be a free game. It isn’t available on Google Play for pre-registration just yet, but you can sign up for more details on the game from the official website.