LG Becomes Official Partner For Esports League Mobile Open

ESL Mobile Open LG

LG has officially been named as a partner of the Esports League Mobile Open. This is a big deal for both ESL NA and for LG.

According to ESL, LG is the first phone manufacturer to become a partner for the ESL Mobile Open in North America. It’s not the first phone manufacturer to partner with ESL in general, though.

Black Shark for instance partnered with ESL before for the Asphalt Esports Series.


LG will be an official Esports League partner for Season 3 of the ESL Mobile Open

According to LG, it will only be the official partner for the third season of the ESL Mobile Open in North America. This means that ESL could move to a new phone manufacturer for later seasons. Or even for different regions.

As part of this partnership, finalists of the ESL Mobile Open NA will use an LG smartphone to play games in the competition. Specifically the LG G8X ThinQ. Which is one of LG’s latest devices.

The partnership also affords LG the ability to highlight why the G8X ThinQ is the perfect smartphone for mobile gaming.


LG states that the phones will be used by the finalists of ESL Mobile Open NA’s third season. Not during the regular season though. Instead, the phones will be used for the competition taking place at DreamHack Atlanta on November 15.

LG is ESL North America’s second official partner

LG may be the first phone manufacturer to be named a partner for North America, but it’s the second North American partner overall.

The entire ESL Mobile Open North America competition is sponsored by AT&T. The US’ second largest wireless carrier. This means it’s a good bet that the G8X ThinQ will be running on the AT&T network at the competition.


And with AT&T being an official sponsor, it only makes sense. ESL also partners with various game studios to feature their games. Season 3 has already started with players competing in popular titles like PUBG MOBILE, Asphalt 9: Legends, and Clash of Clans.

Season 3 of ESL Mobile Open in North America begins tomorrow, October 17, with ESL livestreaming the matches. You’ll be able to watch everything unfold on ESL’s official YouTube channel.

The competition will continue all the way till November 15, where the Grand Finals will take place at DreamHack Atlanta. ESL will livestream this competition as well. If you don’t care for YouTube’s platform, the competition matches will be broadcast on Twitch as well.