Leaked Pixel 4 Promo Videos Show Motion Sense Gestures In Action

Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock Motion Sense Sensors 02 1

A series of leaked Pixel 4 promo videos have popped up and show Motion Sense gestures in action.

There are five videos in total that were acquired by 9To5Google. Most of them are fairly short and each shows a unique gesture function.

The leaked Pixel 4 videos are official promos made by Google

Since these are official promotional videos being made by Google, they’ll likely show up as part of the Pixel 4 ads. After the phone is unveiled of course.


In the videos you can see people waving their hands over the phone. This is to make use of the device’s integrated Soli radar chip. Just some of the functions that will be available include skipping songs, silencing alarms, and silencing calls.

There are short clips to show each of these actually working. One of the videos is also listed as the full ad which incorporates all of those gestures. It likely isn’t hard to envision how these gestures would work since it’s been described before.

But it is something a little different to actually see the gestures being performed.


There’s a short clip that shows Face Unlock working too

The fifth clip shows what the Face Unlock feature looks like. Based on the action in the video the time to unlock looks to be pretty fast. Though, it might still be faster to use a fingerprint as some devices, like the OnePlus 7 Pro unlock pretty rapidly.

Face Unlock has technically been shown off before by Google. During the confirmation about the some of the device features, Google showed the Pixel 4 being unlocked. It also teased the action of skipping songs.

This is the first time you actually get to see someone using it in a real-world setting though. That’s because when Google officially announced Motion Sense, the video was dark and you don’t really get to the see much of the screen. All you see is a side view of someone looking at the device.


Judging by the various clips showing off the Motion Sense feature, it looks like the gestures will work pretty well. And, while there are only a handful of things Motion Sense will actually do at launch, chances are Google may expand the functionality later on.

Google will unveil the Pixel 4 on October 15 at its product event. Alongside the device, Google is expected to announce other new products as well, and potentially show off some new features that haven’t been talked about yet.