Hulu On Android TV Gets A "Like" Button


Hulu on Android TV now has a "like" button. In fact, it also has a "dislike" button as well.

The new feature is designed to help the streaming service provide users with a more personalized experience.

The like/dislike button is part of a wider feature set that's also on the way to various Hulu platforms.


You can now like and dislike on Hulu

While it might not be the biggest change to the experience, it is designed to be a useful one. Each time a user likes something, Hulu will look to recommend similar content. Likewise, disliking content will instruct Hulu to not show or recommend that title again to the user.

The feature is now rolling out although not necessarily to all platforms. For example, while Android TV is included, Android mobile does not seem to be. Likes and dislikes are rolling out to the main Hulu website, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, as well as select gaming consoles and smart TVs. Hulu does state support for "other devices" will be coming soon.

On TV platforms, including Android TV, the new like/dislike action will be shown when a title's description page is accessed, alongside the options to "start watching," add to "My Stuff," and so on.


In contrast, web browser users will be able to like and dislike without clicking on the description page. For those users, simply hovering over the title should make the new actions visible.

A more personalized experience overall

In addition to likes and dislikes, there are other personal features coming to the streaming service. One of which is Hulu's ability to understand what you want to watch, even when the instructions are not as clear as they should be.

For example, Hulu is now better at finding content you search for even when the search includes a typo. During testing, Hulu says more than "1,500 unique misspellings" of "The Handmaid's Tale" still led to the right show.


Hulu also says this feature can understand shortened or nickname versions too. Hulu uses "HIMYM" as an example instead of "How I Met Your Mother."

The on-demand and live TV streaming service also explained how this is only the start of the search and discovery improvements the company is working on. With the promise of more to come in the months ahead.

As to be expected, a lot of these improvements are powered by algorithms. However, Hulu did take a moment to highlight that's not always the case. Noting how it also still relies on humans to find content for you as well.