Huawei Aiming To Sell 270 Million Smartphones By The End Of 2019


Quite recently, Huawei announced that it sold 200 million smartphones in record time this year. Well, Huawei is not planning to stop there, as it has just revealed its huge sales goal for 2019.

The company has revealed to media that it is aiming to sell 270 million smartphones by the end of this year. That sales goal is quite optimistic, even for Huawei, and especially considering the sales ban issued by the US.

New Huawei smartphone sales goal crushes expectations from analysts

This actually crushes the expectations from analysts as well, who expected Huawei to hit the 250 million sales goal by the end of 2019.


In order to achieve this, Huawei will need to have an extremely successful holiday season. Sales from pretty much all companies tend to boom in the holiday season, and it seems like Huawei has special plans for it.

The company sells an average of 20 million handsets a month, or 5 million a week. It will need to up that a bit in order to reach this goal. It will need to ship around 1 million devices a week on average, or 7 million per week by December 31 in order to reach that goal.

The company had recently announced its new flagships, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro. Huawei will probably bet on those two phones to lead its sales this holiday season.


The Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro were well-received in the company’s homeland, but it remains to be seen what will happen elsewhere.

Huawei could outsell Samsung

If the company manages to reach its sales goal, it may outsell Samsung. Now, that is a huge “if”. Samsung managed to sell 290 million handsets last year, and according to some sources, it is doing better this year than it did last.

If Samsung manages to mess up the holiday season, and its sales fail, Huawei could outsell it. We’ll see what will happen, but Huawei is doing better than expected, it seems.


Next year may be a completely different story, though, if the sales ban is not resolved. Huawei managed to find alternatives for most hardware-related problems created by the sales ban, but the software is still an issue.

To be more specific, Google’s services are. Huawei can still pre-installed Android on its phones, but without Google services. Pretty much everyone outside of China is used to using Google’s services on Huawei’s devices, and that is an issue.

Huawei is currently working to amend the issue with its own software, but that could take years. Google’s services are not easy to replace by any means. The lack of them, prevents users from using Google apps, and most importantly the Play Store. In other words, users cannot install a ton of apps they would want to. They can’t do that easily, at least. It remains to be seen what will happen.