How To Unlock The Sparrow Operator Skill In Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Operator Skill

Call of Duty Mobile has a pretty nice selection of operator skills, and one of them, the Sparrow, is one you should pick up.

The thing is, getting this skill is a limited-time thing, and unfortunately the event that allows you to acquire it ends in three days.

The good news, is that the tasks you have to complete to get it aren’t hard. Maybe a little time consuming, but definitely something you can finish within a few hours.


That being said you may need to grind things out and really put in some effort. Not a lot, but just enough to where you focus on each step until it’s done. We’ll break down the steps on how to get this unique skill below, as well as describe it a little bit.

What is the Sparrow operator skill in Call of Duty Mobile?

First of all, if you’re unfamiliar with the operator skills, they’re unique abilities you can unlock as you play simply by getting kills. As you rack up kills you also charge the operator skill.

You can pick your operator skills in the loadout screen, along with weapons and lethal/tactical equipment like grenades. The Sparrow operator skill in particular lets you run around with a bow.


CoD Mobile Operator Skill 9

This gives you a nice little advantage of being able to snipe people (in a sense) at a distance without having to aim down sights through a scope that obliterates your peripheral vision.

The Sparrow also has powerful blasting arrows, and its range increases the longer you draw on the bow string.


The main reason you’ll want this is because of the potential for damage paired with long-range. Kills should be quick as it won’t take too long to draw back the bow string, and of course you should want this because it’s limited.

Where to find the tasks for the Sparrow operator skill in Call of Duty Mobile

In the game there is a little series of menus off to the left side of the UI. This is on the main screen. Here, you will find one for the operator skill event.

It will have an image of the bow on it, so it won’t be hard to spot. Tap on that button and then inside you’ll see another few buttons. One of these will show a larger image of the bow. Along with a few details about the tasks required of you.


CoD Mobile Operator Skill 10

If you’ve already started the event to get this, this will also be a nice place to go back to for checking on your progress. And naturally, completing all ten unlocks the Sparrow skill.

There are ten different tasks to complete

If you want this operator skill, as mentioned above you will need to complete ten different tasks. These will need to be completed within the next three days. Before the event ends on November 1.


All the tasks are spread across various game modes, some of them which are limited-time as part of other in-game events.

The first task you will see in the list requires you to kill ten enemies in Team Deathmatch. There are subsequent tasks that follow the same activity, but with an increased number of kills. After ten, you will need to get 30, and finally 50 kills.

Following the TDM matches, you will need to use an operator skill two times in any multiplayer match type. This is followed up by using the skill four times. To be clear, the first two times you use the skill will count towards the progress of the four times you need to rack up.

CoD Mobile Operator Skill 7
CoD Mobile Operator Skill 8
CoD Mobile Operator Skill 7
CoD Mobile Operator Skill 8

You will also need to get six kills with an operator skill in any multiplayer match, which you can bank four of during the previous pair of tasks. Next, you need to get 100 enemy kills in any multiplayer match.

The next two require you to play battle royale mode. With these you will need to play three battle royale matches, and get ten enemy kills within them. Lastly, the tenth task is to log in for a total of five days in a row.

You should have this already completed if you’ve been playing often and logging in daily. That said, if you don’t have any progress for this particular step, you won’t be able to complete the event as there aren’t five days left.


Future limited operator skills should be unlockable the same way

Though this particular operator skill is going away soon, there should be others down the line.

In fact it’s pretty likely that future operator skills in Call of Duty Mobile will be unlockable the same way. As of right now there hasn’t been any announced or teased. Players should expect some to show up though.

When and if that does happen, players will probably have to complete a series of tasks to unlock them.