How To Mute Players In Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

We’ve all been there, with a party of players that you wish you could mute, and in Call of Duty Mobile this is possible to do.

Muting other players on your team may not be your preference, and if it isn’t, that’s totally fine.

In fact there are certainly benefits to having the lines of communication open. For one, it becomes a lot easier to plan out how to approach the match. It can also allow you to warn teammates about other player locations. As well they can do the same for you.


However, sometimes you enter a match with a bunch of random players that can be nothing more than distracting. This short guide will break down how to mute other players, should the need or desire ever arise.

It’s possible to mute one or all players in Call of Duty Mobile

Depending on your preferences, you can mute one player, or just mute the entire team. The choice is yours and there may be times that both are needed.

Obviously, if you’re playing Call of Duty Mobile with friends and you’re in a chat with them, you can simply mute player by player.

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This way you aren’t muting your friend(s) and instead are focusing on anyone else who you may not want to listen to during a match.

Where to find the mute buttons for matches

Finding the mute buttons is pretty simple once you know where to look.

First you will need to be inside of a match. You can access the mute buttons once the match is going, or while it’s in the pre-match setup.


Usually, most matches will start with a pre-match waiting area. This can last for five to ten seconds or a tad bit longer. It just depends on the match and how long it take for others to load in.

After that, you will have about 15 seconds or so to select your loadout, and you can access the mute buttons during this time as well.

If you’re concerned with starting the match right away, i.e. moving as soon as you’re able, the pre-match and loadout selection screens are the best times to get the muting process out of the way. You will find the mute buttons off to the right side of the screen, towards the top.


There will be a mic button, and a speaker button there. Tap the speaker button, and there will be an option for muting single players, or for muting the entire team.

That’s really all there is to it. Muting is a pretty quick and simple process. And you can change things match by match, or even all in the same match if you end up wanting to hear your teammates.

Call of Duty Mobile has both non-ranked and ranked matches, and communication is probably more important in ranked. So, feel free to keep players muted unless you’re entering ranked playlists.