How To Enable "Lights Out" Dark Mode On Twitter


Twitter, today, finally launched "Lights Out" to Android users of its app. This brings in a true black dark mode theme to the app, that makes it look really good. And it also makes it easier to use it at night.

But, with this update, Twitter has also changed up the settings a little bit. So how exactly do you get to this Lights Out mode on Twitter for Android? Here's how.

How to enable Lights Out Dark Mode on Twitter for Android

Firstly, make sure you have updated your app to the latest version.


After you've done that. Open the Twitter app, swipe in from the left and tap on Settings.

Screenshot 20191022 135539
Twitter for Android: Settings

Now tap on Display and Sound. It'll be the first option in the "General" Section.

Screenshot 20191022 135544
Twitter for Android: Display & Sound Settings

Then tap on Dark Mode. It should be the second option going down.

Screenshot 20191022 135547
Twitter for Android: Dark Mode Settings

Make sure that it set to "ON". Or you can set it to be automatic at sunset if you wish.

That doesn't quite get you to Lights Out mode though. There's one more step.

Screenshot 20191022 135551
Twitter for Android: Dark Mode Appearance Settings

Below the Dark Mode option, tap on "Dark Mode Appearance".


This will give you two options: Dim or Lights Out.

Dim is that darker blue color that Twitter has had for a while, and Lights Out is the murdered out black color.

Tap on Lights Out and you're all set.


And now you have Lights Out set on your Twitter app. Everything is going to be black or a darker color. For instance the new notifications that you'll see in your activity pane, is going to be a darker gray to a dark blue color. Which is just to show you that this is new, and not old notifications.

With the Lights Out mode activated on Twitter for Android, you should notice some better battery life on your smartphone, when it comes to Twitter. This also means that you can spend more time on Twitter, without worrying about your phone's battery life – unless you have a Pixel 4.

It's also going to make it easier to use Twitter at night and in dimly lit situations, as the white background can really hurt your eyes. But this black background will make it easier on your eyes. And that's on top of the battery savings that you're getting too. That makes this a really good setting to enable. Perhaps one that should be enabled by default.