How To Improve & Up Your Game In Call of Duty Mobile


Call of Duty Mobile is a game that can be highly competitive, and if you're looking to improve your skills, it's not as hard as you think.

Nothing will replace dedicated practice for those that aren't gaming prodigies. That doesn't mean it's not possible to up your game. On the contrary, there are some useful things you can do to improve and become better at it.

In this post, we'll break down these things so that you can apply them to your own gameplay. And, with a little luck and hard work, you'll hopefully be on your way to being a better player.


Improve your skills in Call of Duty Mobile by adjusting the controls

This might seem like a no-brainer. But, it's not always so cut and dry. The controls are an extremely important aspect that people sometimes forget about.

You might expect the controls to be optimized for your device. That isn't really the case though. Not here. There are a bevy of control options that are worth digging into. This alone could be the one thing you need to see a considerable improvement.



The thing is, there are quite a few control options out there. So it will take some adjustment and probably numerous tweaks to find your sweet spot. Don't sleep on adjusting the controls. Really get in there.

You can find the controls by tapping on the settings button. This is the little gear-looking button in the top right corner. Controls will be the very first tab that's selected. Start here. Simple Mode will be the one that's highlighted on the left.

Use this mode if you want things to be a little easier. Tapping the custom layout button will also allow you to shift around the location of all the digital buttons. It's highly recommended that you tweak these as well.


Call of Duty Mobile's 'Advanced Mode' could help you improve too

You may think you're not ready for advanced mode. The name alone seems to imply that you need to be an elite player to use it. Or have an advanced set of skills.

It's not as challenging as it seems though. In fact, this might be even easier for you, as certain things tend to automate with this mode. For instance, aiming down sights or ADS is automatic when you fire. Only when using this mode though. Activision calls it the 1-tap ADS.

Call of Duty Mobile skills 2


This essentially takes one thing away from you that needs to be worried about. Now you can focus more on aiming in general, and hitting those precision headshots. There are a couple of other options for shooting mode here as well.

Which includes hip fire and custom. There is also a custom layout with this mode so you can still move around the buttons to where you want them.

Take a peek at the Basic control tab & the Sensitivity options

The second and fourth tabs in the settings menu are your Basic & Sensitivity options respectively. These have some important things that can be adjusted, and if you're finding things still don't feel right to you, take a peek at them.


You just might find that adjusting a thing or two in either of these tabs will help. First, the Basic tab has options like aim assist, quick run from prone, and fast throw for grenades.

There's also some toggles for sliding while running, the sensitivity of your "always sprinting" option, and Camera FOV among other things. Don't ignore these. Try changing a few of them see if anything improves. If not you can always change it back.

Next is the Sensitivity tab. Here is where you'll find all of the slider bars for how sensitive certain controls are. Things like how sensitive your turn is (meaning how quickly you turn the camera to look and move in other directions) are located here.


Your aim sensitivity is in this tab as well. And if you think things feel too slow when you try to turn the camera or aim where you want, this is why. Most of these slider bars have a large range too. So it might take quite a bit of tweaking before you get it to where you want it. Trying different values here is key.

There's no other way to find out how it feels best to you personally. So, try some adjustments and see what works for you. Again though, don't ignore this tab.

Don't forget to upgrade your weapons

It's really easy to notice when you unlock a new weapon. And, the excitement to use it that follows this realization can be both a blessing and a curse.


Because unfortunately it's also easy to forget that your weapons can be upgraded. You definitely want to keep this step in mind because upgrading your weapons has a direct result on how much they will help you perform well.

Not only do they get increased stats, this is how you unlock additional add-ons for the weapon in your loadout, like new optics, suppressors, and extended mags just to name a few. To upgrade your weapons you will need an in-game item called Weapon XP cards. These can be acquired simply by playing.

Call of Duty Mobile skills 8

They'll come through leveling, unlocks, daily login rewards. Basically anywhere. They don't fall from the sky like rain, though, so use them sparingly and only on the weapons you will use the most.

Speaking of loadouts, play with your loadouts as well. Try using different guns, and resist the urge to dump everything into the gun you start the game with right away. It's not a bad gun, but you might find that you do better with a different weapon. Swap these out from time to time, try different secondaries, try different lethal grenades.

Test out various Call of Duty perks to improve your character abilities

Perks are a Call of Duty staple. They've been in every single game in the franchise and they outfit you with different abilities. Scavenger for instance lets you pick up ammo on kills. You might want to keep that one if you're not conservative with your ammo.

Other perks allow for increased XP gain when you kill opponents. This is a good one too, though you might find you care about it less when you get to a much higher level. It can be really good for when you're still trying to level up though.Call of Duty Mobile skills 9

The main point is there are a lot of good perks to use, like the Fast Recover one shown above. Once you start unlocking more than one or two in each category (there are three categories), start playing with a few different ones you may have never tried before. You may be happy you did.

Pay attention to the battle pass

The battle pass is something you should definitely be looking at anytime you play. As you level up you will gain rewards. These rewards can sometimes be Weapon XP cards, and you already know how important those are.

Battle passes also have a free and a premium track. So you don't have to buy a premium battle pass to gain these rewards.

That being said, the premium battle pass does offer better rewards than the free one. If you don't mind spending a little money you can pick this up, and then any progression on it will get you not only the premium rewards but the free rewards too.

Call of Duty Mobile skills 10

That boils down to you getting better rewards and more rewards. Which is a very good thing as it will allow you to level up your items faster, as well get some useful in-game currency for various unlocks. You do not "need" to spend any money. However, it won't hurt if you have some you want to set aside for it.

As always, this is just a suggestion of something to consider. You can more than get by with just the free track of the battle pass.

Practice, practice, practice

Last but certainly not least, to improve in Call of Duty Mobile you need to practice. Like we said in the beginning of this post, nothing will be a substitute for practice and hard work. Getting better and improving your skills in Call of Duty Mobile will take effort.

However, a lot of that effort is really just down to paying attention to these things here. If you focus on adjusting the controls and different options that you can tweak, you'll be helping yourself quite a bit. That's just the start, too.

The more you play, generally the better you will get, as long as you're trying. It's possible to just coast through and be good at this game. Some people are just good at games. It's not a bad thing if that's not you. Simply practice, practice, practice. And don't forget to have fun.