How To Enable Dark Mode On OnePlus 7T


Dark mode is a feature that a lot of potential buyers are looking for in their next smartphones, and luckily the OnePlus 7T has it. But the option to enable dark mode is a bit hidden now in Oxygen OS 10 on the OnePlus 7T. So we're here to show you how to enable it.

It's quite simple actually. But to the untrained eye, you'd likely never find it.

How To Enable Dark Mode

To enable dark mode on the OnePlus 7T, you'll need to head into the Settings.

Screenshot 20191011 102412
OnePlus 7T: Settings

From there, tap on Customization.

Screenshot 20191011 102443
OnePlus 7T: Customization Settings

Then tap on Tone. It'll be the second option on the right under "System configuration".

Screenshot 20191011 102450
OnePlus 7T: Tone Settings

There you'll see a few different options for the system theme. The first one is "Colorful" which has a black bar at the top, and a much more colorful theme around the system. It's kind of like a hybrid between dark and light mode.


Then there is light mode, which is the normal setting, and everything is very white.

The third option over is the dark mode. Tap on that. And then tap on the check mark in the upper-right hand corner.

Now you'll have dark mode on your OnePlus 7T. That's it. Dark Mode isn't really hidden, it's just not where many might think it is, especially if they are coming from a stock Android device like the Pixel 3, where it's the in the quick settings or the display settings.


Unfortunately, you don't have the option to use the light or colorful mode during the day and then the dark mode at night when the sun goes down. That's a feature you get in regular Android 10 on the Pixel 3 though. So OnePlus could add it later on.

Dark mode is a really good feature to have on a smartphone. Especially one with an OLED display like the OnePlus 7T. That is because it is going to save a ton of battery for you. Thanks to OLED displays lighting up each pixel individually, when using a dark mode – a fully black dark mode, in particular – will light up fewer pixels, saving some serious battery.

Of course, there is also the part about it being better on the eyes. Especially if you are in a dark room. Like using your phone in bed at night. As the light mode would kill your eyes, and dark mode is much more comfortable for reading, thankfully.