How To Change Your Steering Method In Mario Kart Tour


Steering in Mario Kart Tour is relatively easy. Especially if you use the smart steering option that the game offers.

However, it is possible to also use the manual steering. While this is more difficult to use, it opens up more opportunities to drift. Drifting gives you a speed boost. Speed boosts help you win.

In this step by step guide, you can learn how to change your steering controls for Mario Kart Tour. You may have selected manual controls the first time you booted up the game. Not to worry, as this will explain how to change it back to the assisted controls as well.


Tap the menu button to change your steering in Mario Kart TourMario Kart Tour Controls 1

Whether you select smart steering or manual steering in the beginning, changing the controls is all done in the same place. The menu.

This is where you will need to go first if you want to switch things up and select a different steering method. There are also other useful settings in here to tweak. So, it might not be a bad idea to become familiar with the other settings.

The menu button can be found just below the button for the current selected race cup. Next to the shop button.


Select the settings menuMario Kart Tour Controls 2

Next, you'll want to select the settings menu where you'll find all of the adjustable game options.

The settings menu can be found as a little gear icon in the bottom right corner. Tap this to get to the area where you select your preferred control method. You will also be able to change your game language here, as well as your in-game name.

Other various options are listed here as well.


Select the Manual Drift optionMario Kart Tour Controls 3

Manual Drift is the control method you will want to select if you want more "control" over your steering.

Be forewarned, this is a much harder control set to use. At least until you get some more practice with it. That being said, it does come with big benefits.

To use this control method you simply touch the screen like the Smart Steering option. But instead of touching the screen and dragging to one side or the other to turn, simply touching the screen will start a drift.


This also makes it possible to perform Ultra Mini-Turbos, which can afford you a nice little burst of speed. This will come in handy more often than you might think. Especially if you're falling behind, or if you're playing against more challenging opponents.

As mentioned before this will take some practice. Once you perfect this though the payoff is big.

Toggle Auto-Item

Though this has nothing to do with steering, it's part of the control method. Instead of steering though it controls your items picked up from boxes.


The default option here is having Auto-Item turned on. If this is enabled, it will automatically use an item the moment you hit a new box.

It's possible to disable this if you prefer to forego using an item. When is this useful? When you have a really good item and you want to save it for later. Say, when you have a blue shell.

The last thing you want is to pick one of these up, then have it automatically used because you slide into a new box.


Mario Kart Tour has a Gyro Handling steering optionMario Kart Tour Controls 4

If you prefer a slightly more interactive steering method than you definitely want gyro handling enabled.

Just as the name of this method suggests, it uses your phone's gyro sensors to detect the motion of the phone for steering. If you want to steer left, tilt the phone to the left.

If you want to steer right, tilt the phone to the right. It also can't be used on devices without a sensor. You may not run into this very often as many phone now do have gyro sensors. Some do not though.


If your phone happens to be one of these, this option will either not be selectable or it just won't be visible at all. Gyro Handling can be used in conjunction with manual drift.

This is quite hard to use though. In addition to that, it may cause you to tilt your head to the side your turning. Despite common theories from childhood, this does not help you in the race in any way.

If you selected manual drift the first time you booted up the game, disabling it will change it to the other option Nintendo gave you in the beginning.