How To Improve Battery Life On OnePlus 7T


The battery life on the OnePlus 7T is pretty decent already. But that doesn't mean that you can't improve it, and get even more time away from that Warp Charge 30T charger.

We've gathered some tips that will help you improve your battery life on the OnePlus 7T. Some of these are tips that you probably already know. While others are ones that you may not have heard of before. So let's get started.

Switch to Dark Mode

Dark mode isn't new to the OnePlus 7T, it's been available one OnePlus devices for quite some time. But with Android 10, it's now available system-wide and a number of apps support that system-wide theme to switch to dark mode. That is going to help improve your battery life, not to mention easier on the eyes.


Why is Dark mode so good for battery life? Well, one word, AMOLED. OnePlus has always used AMOLED or OLED displays on all of its smartphones. Which provides you with a really good experience when watching videos and such. But it also gives you great battery life when you're using dark mode.

Screenshot 20191009 145848
OnePlus 7T: Dark Mode Settings

This is because AMOLED panels light up each pixel individually. So if you are using dark mode, that means that there are a lot less pixels being lit up. And Google found in its testing that you can save as much as 60-percent, by using dark mode as opposed to a bright white background. This is one big reason why a lot of apps are switching over to dark mode – including Instagram, which was a big surprise.

So in short, if you're looking to get a bit more battery life out of your OnePlus 7T, make that switch over to dark mode. It's a win/win decision.


You can enable Dark Mode by going to Settings, tapping on Customization and then tapping on Tone. It'll be the option on the far right at the bottom of the screen.

Disable Ambient Display

While Ambient Display is a really cool feature, being able to see what time it is, the date, battery percentage and your notifications without turning on your phone is definitely helpful. But, it can drain your battery pretty quickly.

Screenshot 20191009 145858
OnePlus 7T: Ambient Display Settings

On the OnePlus 7T, the default option is for Ambient Display to appear when you pick up your phone. Which should be fine for most people. As it'll likely light up just before you go to unlock the phone. So it's really not draining the battery. But you can also opt to turn it off completely. This will definitely help improve the battery life on the OnePlus 7T.


Similar to Dark Mode, Ambient Display is not lighting up the entire display, just a few pixels. But if you do leave your phone in standby for a long period of time, then it can really drain the battery. Perhaps more than you'd want.

To access Ambient Display settings, head into Settings, then tap on Display and scroll down to the Customization section to find "Ambient Display".

Drop the frame rate

The OnePlus 7T has a high-refresh rate of 90Hz. Which looks super buttery smooth, and once you've used it, you just can't go back. But that does use up a good amount of battery.


So, to make that battery last a bit longer, lower that frame rate to 60Hz, which is what every other phone runs at. So it's not super slow, it's just not as buttery smooth as the 90Hz that the OnePlus 7T has out of the box.

Screenshot 20191009 145908
OnePlus 7T: Screen Refresh Rate Settings

To drop the frame rate: Go into Settings, tap on Display. Then scroll down to the "screen refresh rate" (it's the fourth option down). Tap on that and then switch it to 60Hz.

Use WiFi more instead of 4G LTE

This is pretty much a no-brainer, but using WiFi over 4G LTE is definitely going to help with battery. WiFi is a bit more mature than LTE is at this point, so leaving the WiFi radio on is going to use less battery than the LTE radio. Not to mention, the LTE radio is going to be constantly looking for the best tower. While on WiFi, it'll stick with the same network.

Screenshot 20191009 145915
OnePlus 7T: WiFi Settings

To turn on WiFi: Pull down your notification shade, and long-press the WiFi icon. That will take you into the WiFi settings and allow you to connect to a WiFi network.

Use Battery Saver Mode

Common sense here, but using Battery Saver Mode is going to help you squeeze every bit of juice out of that battery.

Battery Saver mode will turn off and/or restrict all background activity, as well as some visual effects and lower the processor speed. This is all done to save as much battery as possible. You can usually get a few more hours (per percentage) with battery saver mode turned on. Which can be very helpful for those long days, and getting the OnePlus 7T to last until you get home.

Screenshot 20191009 145923
OnePlus 7T: Battery Saver Mode Settings

You are able to set a schedule for turning on Battery Saver, which would be based on the percentage. So once it hits 20-percent, it would automatically turn on. There is the option to turn it on whenever you want though.

To turn on battery saver mode: Go into Settings, tap on Battery then Battery Saver mode. All of the settings for Battery Saver Mode are right there.

Reboot your OnePlus 7T

Similar to your computer, rebooting your phone can fix many issues. And it can also fix some battery issues you might have.

Screenshot 20191009 145937
OnePlus 7T: Reboot Menu

So if you are experiencing any issues with your OnePlus 7T and its battery life, just do a quick reboot. This will not only improve your battery life, but it will also speed things up. You see, Android smartphones do need to be rebooted every now and then, to help refresh the cache and keep things running smoothly.

To reboot the OnePlus 7T: Long-press the power button and then tap on "Reboot".

Check your battery stats to find the battery-hogging apps

This is perhaps the most important tip, when it comes to improving the battery life on your OnePlus 7T. Check out the battery stats.

These battery stats will let you know which apps are using all of your juice, and you'll be able to make changes to make sure it doesn't happen again. This is particularly useful if you are experiencing worse battery life than usual. As some apps can go rogue from time to time. This usually happens after an update though. For instance, Google Play Services, will do it every now and then. The only real way to fix that app though, is doing a reboot, and crossing your fingers. If it is depleting your battery due to an update, you'll have to wait for Google to fix it, since you can't uninstall Google Play Services.

Screenshot 20191009 145927
OnePlus 7T: Battery Usage Stats

Other times, some apps might get stuck looking for your location or downloading/uploading something, and using up a lot of battery juice. You can easily "Force Stop" these apps from the battery stats page. And everything should be all good afterwards. That actually happens quite a bit with Google Photos – it's a good idea to set backup to WiFi only and not mobile and WiFi, it'll save you some battery as well.

If there are apps using battery that you don't use, or use very infrequently, you can also opt to uninstall them from your phone. Which will not only free up space, but also make your phone's battery last even longer. It's a win/win.

To reach the battery stats: Go into Settings, tap on Battery. Then tap on the three dots icon in the upper right-hand corner, tap on "Battery Usage".

Wrap Up

The OnePlus 7T battery is already pretty decent – it's no battery champ, but it'll get you through the day easily. As I stated in our review, you likely won't need to worry about charging the OnePlus 7T, as I never ran out of battery in a single day. And with Warp Charge 30T, charging isn't an issue. But what about those times that you do not have your Warp Charge 30T charger with you? Well, you'll need to make some changes to make sure the battery can last until you get home. And that's where these tips come in handy.

As I stated at the beginning of this article, some of these tips are pretty much common sense, like restarting your phone or checking the battery stats. But they are still important tips, and ones to remember when looking to see why your phone's battery isn't performing like it should.

With these tips that we have listed here, you should be able to get a bit more battery life out of the OnePlus 7T, and if not, you may want to think about using your phone less. Or simply carrying your Warp Charge 30T charger with you everywhere.