Here's The NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro: The 2019 SHIELD Android TV Device


The new 2019 NVIDIA SHIELD has made a surprise appearance on Amazon, confirming price and availability.

The listing confirms some of the finer details while also providing a look at the new device.

The new SHIELD TV sports an all-new remote.


Here's the new SHIELD TV

It had long been expected NVIDIA was preparing to launch a new SHIELD Android TV device. However, few details were known on what it looks like.

Now we have a much clearer picture, literally.

First spotted by Android TV Rumors, the design of the set-top box does not seemed to have changed all that much. However, pictures can be deceiving. The 2017 model also did not appear to change much compared to the 2015 model in pictures, yet it is much smaller in size. Therefore, the size of this one might also be different.


What is certainly different is the remote control. While it looks different enough in the main picture, a close up shows it is even more different than that.


The remote also appears to be getting an upgrade in the feature department. For example, the listing states the following remote features: voice search, motion-activated, backlit buttons and an IR blaster. The listing also references a "built-in lost remote locator."


When the 2017 model launched, NVIDIA released a standard version and a "Pro" model. This version is listed as the "NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro." While that may indicate another non-pro version is coming, it may just be the moniker used to differentiate this model from the previous ones. If that's the case, then this might be the only version released.


Want to know the SHIELD TV Pro specs? Here's what we know so far: 3GB RAM, 16GB storage, NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos.

SHIELD arriving October 28?

For those wanting to get in on the SHIELD action, not only did the SHIELD ProTV show up on Amazon, but it also appeared to confirm availability. It was even offering the option to pre-order although the listing has now been removed.

Either way, if correct, the SHIELD Pro TV will be available to buy on October 28, 2019, priced at $199.99. Considering that's the date the new SHIELD is listed as shipping out, it seems likely pre-orders will officially go live sooner than that.


In case you want to chance your luck at the page going live again and securing an early pre-order for the 2019 SHIELD TV, here's the Amazon link.