HBO Max Costs Just $14.99 Per Month, Arrives May 2020


The price of HBO Max at launch will be $14.99 per month.

AT&T and WarnerMedia confirmed the streaming service's price during its dedicated WarnerMedia Day.

HBO Max is not scheduled to launch fully in the U.S. until May, 2020.


HBO Max finally has a price

It's been a long time coming, but the price of HBO Max is now known.

It's been clear AT&T planned to launch a new WarnerMedia-based service ever since WarnerMedia was created out of the ashes of Time Warner.

However, it took until July of this year for the service to even get a name, let alone the important details, such as the price. Since then, there's been much speculation around how much the service will cost with most rumors pointing to between $15 and $17 per month.


AT&T has now confirmed the speculation was not quite on point.

At this price, it makes HBO more expensive than Netflix, and significantly more expensive than Disney+. However, the current HBO also costs $14.99 per month.

In other words, the new HBO Max is launching at the exact same price point as the current version. That's in spite of the newer version coming with a vastly greater amount of content.


This makes HBO Max an extremely competitively priced service considering HBO had already set the service's price bar. For existing HBO customers the switch over to HBO Max is a no-brainer.

Speaking of which, AT&T and WarnerMedia have confirmed existing HBO customers will be able to switch over to HBO Max on the day of launch. Obviously, at no extra cost.

From today's announcement, it's clear AT&T and WarnerMedia is looking to hit the ground running with HBO Max – by offering a better service than it already offers at the same price.


More ways to get HBO Max

In addition to confirming the price, AT&T and WarnerMedia have also now confirmed additional ways consumers will be able to tune in to HBO Max.

The first is through a bundle. In 2020, AT&T and WarnerMedia will offer the option to bundle HBO Max with AT&T TV. This is the company's higher-priced live TV streaming service.

Another option is via an AVOD version of the service. Along with the bundle, AT&T and WarnerMedia confirmed HBO will be available as an ad-supported service.


AT&T and WarnerMedia did not confirm exactly how much this version will cost. Although regardless of the cost, it won't be available in AVOD form at launch.

The AVOD version of HBO Max is not scheduled to launch until 2021.