Hands On With Google's New Pixelbook Go


The new Google Pixelbook Go is not a 2-in-1.

That's the first question that everyone was wondering, about the new Pixelbook Go.

Despite having a touchscreen, it does not have a hinge, so you cannot use it as a tablet. Which, as Google explained to us, that makes the Pixelbook Go cheaper, without cheaping out elsewhere on the laptop.


Finally, an affordable Pixelbook

Pixelbook's have always been stupid expensive. The first Chromebook Pixel was over $1500, at a time when Chromebooks were under $500. Now the Pixelbook Go comes in at $649, and it still a very high-end laptop.

Google Pixelbook Go Hands On 19
Google Pixelbook Go: Not Pink

Though the first thing you'll notice on the Pixelbook Go, is their inspiration. And that is Apple. Above the keyboard, you'll see that it says "Pixelbook Go". Just like on a MacBook Pro or Air. The keys are similar to the MacBook Pro as well, except, they have more travel. Which means that it's not going to break as easily, thankfully.

The keyboard is quieter, and still very comfortable to use. In my limited time using the Pixelbook Go today, I was very impressed with the keyboard.


It also has a pretty grippy case, which feels good in the hand, but it also means that it is not going to slide off of a table very easily. It also picks the Pixelbook Go up off of a table a bit more, to allow for better airflow, keeping it nice and cool.

The display though, definitely screams "affordable"

It's a 1080p display. But that's not the issue. The issue is the fact that it is a very dimly lit display. Now Google says that it will automatically adjust to the light in the room, but the hands-on room where these were, had direct sunlight coming in from the top of the building. And the screen was pretty much impossible to see.

As you'll see in the images in the gallery below, the screen doesn't even look like it's on. So the sad part here is that the Pixelbook Go is not going to hold up well using outside, unfortunately. But with a price of $649, it's not that surprising.


It's still a Chromebook

I hate to be that guy, but it's true. The Pixelbook Go is still just a Chromebook.

That's going to work well for some people, while it might for others. It does have the Google Play Store on-board, so you can increase the functionality with Android apps, but that can only go so far.

Basically, this is not the laptop for everyone. It's really going to depend on your use-case, as to whether this Pixelbook Go is the one to get, for your needs.


The Pixelbook Go is going to cost you $649 and comes in Clearly Black and Not Pink.