Google Store Pixel 4 Orders Are Shipping, Arriving By Wednesday


It looks like Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL orders from the Google Store have started shipping to customers. A report from 9To5Google shows order details for the 64GB Pixel 4 in Oh So Orange having a shipped status as of today.

Though one thing to keep in mind is that the color of the phone nor the size likely factors into the order going out. That being said, if you pre-ordered as soon as you were able your phone may have shipped as well.

Pixel 4 orders were supposed to arrive by Thursday

Pixel 4 devices are certainly shipping early. Orders were supposed to arrive by Thursday at the latest though. With an early time frame of Wednesday.


Now it seems that some customers will start to see their phones arrive as early as Tuesday October 22. Those that don't get them on October 22 should see them by October 23.

Of course there's on more thing to make note of. These early shipping details are likely limited to anyone who chose the fastest possible shipping option when making the purchase.

If you chose a standard shipping option, your order may still take longer to show up. And in this case what's more likely is the phone will arrive either by October 24 or sometime next week.


If you order the device today expedited delivery is October 28

Some people will get their phones early, but that ship has sailed. If you didn't pre-order the device last week, then you'll have to wait a bit longer for your phone to arrive.

According to the Google Store, Pixel 4's that are paid for today will arrive as late as October 28. Though, they can also show up as early as October 25. This is with expedited shipping of course, and again standard will take longer.

Standard shipping, which is free, will see phones show up by as late as October 31. So if you don't mind waiting even longer, you'll still get the phone this month.


The good news is that the phone can arrive as early as October 30. And, Google is usually pretty good about getting purchases to people sooner rather than later.

If you aren't keen on waiting for devices to ship to your home, you can always purchase the phone from your carrier locally.

The phone will be available from retailers like Best Buy, too, and carriers like AT&T should have the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL in stock by October 25.