Stadia Founders Bundle Is Now Out Of Stock Everywhere

Stadia Controllers 01

The Stadia Founders bundles are not completely out of stock. Not just in the US, but in every single country here the service is launching.

The bundle comes with a few perks. It includes early gamertag access, a special limited edition Midnight Blue controller, and three months of free access to Stadia Pro.

It also comes with a buddy pass so you can share Stadia Pro with a friend. They’ll still need their own controller though. While the Founders bundles are gone, fear not, there is an alternative.


Stadia Founders bundles are out of stock but there’s still the Premier

Back when the Founders bundle sold out in one or two launch countries, Google revealed there was the Premier bundle.

This is not too different from the Founders, save for a couple of things. The Premier bundle doesn’t come with early access to a gamertag. It also doesn’t come with the Midnight Blue controller or a buddy pass.

It does however still come with a controller, and you still get three months free of Stadia Pro for yourself. Destiny 2: The Collection is included as well.


So, overall the Premier Bundle is pretty similar. Even if you do miss out on a few of the things that made the Founders bundle so enticing. That might be a letdown for some, but you have to remember that the Founders bundle has been available for months now.

Anyone that missed out had plenty of chances to get one. And unfortunately those chances are now gone.

Premier Bundles are the same cost

If you don’t care too much about the extras the Founders had exclusively, the Premier is now your option to get access to Stadia on November 19.


It also costs the same amount. Chances are that Google will also not sell out of these by the time service launches, so if you want day-one access it should be easy enough.

One thing to keep in mind is that Google will likely notify customers if units are almost sold out. It did so the first time with the Founders bundles, so customers should expect the same here if it comes to that.

Another thing to remember is that you will still need either the Founders bundle or the Premier bundle if you want to play games on Stadia in November.