Google & SiriusXM Bring Digital Radio Service To Google Assistant

SiriusXM Google Home AH 2019

SiriusXM and Google have now teamed up and announced that the digital radio service is finally coming to Google Assistant. That means subscribers to SiriusXM will be able to access the company’s content on their Google-branded smart speakers. It also means that smart displays will be able to play the media.

The duo says all of SiriusXM’s line-up from news and talk broadcasts to sports, comedy, and commercial-free music will be available.

Can’t you already do this?

SiriusXM Radio will already play over Google Home and Nest-branded, Assistant-powered smart speakers. That also works with smart displays and connected TVs, in many cases via Android TV. But this integration is a bit different.


Summarily, the way that currently works is by casting. More succinctly, the SiriusXM app uses the same method used via Chromecast protocols and the Home application for Netflix or YouTube.

Users just open the SiriusXM app, make sure their device is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the speaker, and then tap the cast button located at the bottom-center of the UI. It’s fairly straightforward.

With the new integration, Google and SiriusXM are building on that to make the integration more natural and fluid. Now, users can simply ask their Google smart speaker via Assistant to play a station or channel. The pair provide the example of asking Assistant to “play The Beatles Channel on SiriusXM.” After the integration, the speaker will play that as requested when such a query is made.


SiriusXM and Google haven’t provided a full account with regard to how users will sign into their subscription. But that likely works just as it does with other fully-integrated services. Users will probably need to start in the Google Home app. After opening the app, the service will need to be linked via the “Account” tab and then under the “Set up or add” option on that tab.

Regardless, the setup will work via either an Android or iOS device.

What about SiriusXM for smart hubs or displays?

For the time being, the only services expected to roll out to Google’s smart home devices over the next week are audio-only. Google and SiriusXM are indicating that won’t remain the case for long though.


Later on in the year, SiriusXM subscribers will have access to video content too, just as they do in the app. Users will ask their Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max to playback SiriusXM in-studio performances, interviews, or other shows. The smart home hub devices will respond accordingly and play the content.

To sweeten the deal, the two companies are going to be offering three months of SiriusXM service for free. That will be available with the purchase of a new Google Nest or Google Home gadget. Those who already own one of the Google Assistant-powered devices can get three months free too. But in that case, users will need to buy either a SiriusXM All Access or Premier Streaming subscription.

Plans will be offered at a promotional rate, bundled with the purchase of a Google Nest Hub too.