Google Set Up A Research Study For Stadia Buyers


Google has started contacting some buyers of the Stadia Founders and Premier bundles about a research study.

According to a post on Reddit from a user who pre-ordered, an email came through from the Stadia team asking if they wanted to share their thoughts on Stadia.

This isn't an email that is going out to all users who pre-ordered, though. According to u/GraceFromGoogle, those who made the purchase were preselected at random.


So, some users got the email about participation and some did not. It's also possible that some may still get the email if everyone hasn't been reached out to yet.

The Stadia research study is done by a third-party

Research studies can be a good way to gather customer feedback, and Google is no stranger to doing these kinds of studies.

One can assume that people might wonder about the responses if Google conducted the study itself. Google isn't doing that though. It partnered with a third-party research group called Revelation. This group will be conducting the study for Google and relaying the information gathered.


Stadia Research

The email states that users will need to fill out a survey to participate. It also mentions that filling out the survey does not guarantee the chance at participation. If users are going to be selected, Revelation will reach out to them after the survey has been filled out.

If users qualify following the survey, Revelation will send out emails to all those it will be selecting.


Google says the study can help shape Stadia's future

Google doesn't explicitly say how, but the research study has the potential to shape the future of Stadia.

It's letting users know that sharing their thoughts on the product and their experience with it can help shape the future of the platform.

What that could mean is that Google will take the information gathered from the Study and use that to make direct changes to the Stadia service and platform.


It could also mean that it will simply use the information as a guide and as inspiration to tweak certain things instead of outright changing them entirely. Google does mention that the study is part of its mission to "make Stadia the best platform possible."

With that in mind, it seems that it takes this research study rather seriously, and wants users to give honest feedback on stuff. If you pre-ordered one of the Stadia bundles, be on the lookout for one of these emails in your inbox.