Google Says Stadia Controller Wireless Play Will Expand "Soon"

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Today Google has reportedly confirmed that wireless play on the Stadia controller would expand soon. This is after it confirmed earlier this week that it will only work with Chromecast Ultra initially.

This was a limiting factor that may have a lot to do with ensuring a smooth launch. It’s also somewhat reassuring that Google seems to be actively working on getting wireless play supported on more devices.

The details were posted to the official Stadia subreddit, and spotted by 9To5Google.


Stadia controller wireless play may not expand to all endpoints at once

Right now there is only one endpoint that wireless play supports. That’s the Chromecast Ultra. This does limit which screen you can play on to some degree. But soon enough that won’t be an issue.

Just because Google is working to expand the feature though doesn’t mean you should expect all endpoints to be supported at once. It’s very possible that Google will roll out these expansions slowly.

In fact that sort of makes more sense. It’s very possible that wireless play for phones will get support before PCs. It might be just as possible that it happens the other way around.

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The good thing is that Google says it’s working to bring this feature to users soon. That being said Google doesn’t mention how soon. It merely says “soon after launch.” This could mean before the end of the year or it could be further out, in 2020.

Google will regularly communicate when new features are added

Google says it will work diligently to inform gamers. Specifically about when new things come to Stadia.

In the reddit post, u/GraceFromGoogle points out that the team will communicate to gamers often about when new features are on the way. This means when wireless play is being added to other devices, it will let gamers know.


The communication doesn’t stop at wireless play expansion though. Google is referring to all new features. When Stadia can do something new, gamers will find out about it from Google in one way or another.

Details might be posted on a subreddit post. They might be shared in a Stadia Connect. But regardless of where the information comes from, it will be coming. At least that’s the message Google is trying to convey.

Aside from only supporting wireless play on Chromecast Ultra at launch, Stadia controllers will also come without Bluetooth audio support in the beginning. So you’ll either need to connect a wired headset, or use the audio from whatever device you’re playing on.