This Is The Google Pixel 4 XL In White


After getting a fresh look at the Google Pixel 4 in black last night, Evleaks is now sharing a Pixel 4 XL in white render. Which looks very similar to what we've already seen from the many, many leaks of the Pixel 4.

It also doesn't look a whole lot different from the Pixel 4. As it seems like Google is not making many changes between the two, other than their screen size. Last year, the Pixel 3 XL had a notch while the Pixel 3 did not.

This is a white Pixel 4 XL, which is really only white on the back. The sides and front are going to be black. Giving a sort of "panda" look to the phone. Google has not done this two-tone finish since the Pixel 2.


No notch, but a pretty large forehead on the white Google Pixel 4 XL

After all the backlash on the Pixel 3 XL's large notch last year, it's not surprising to see Google going the other direction and not having a notch at all.

The Pixel 4 lineup instead has a pretty large forehead which does not match the chin. But we'll take that over the double-decker notch that the Pixel 3 XL had last year.

The reason for the large forehead this year is actually different. It has a speaker up there, along with the front-facing camera, which is going to need some more space. But there is also some Project Soli tech up there, which we don't completely know what it'll be used for yet, but that will bring in some cool gestures for the Pixel 4.


It doesn't unfortunately, look like the second front-facing camera is returning this year, however.

The backside is pretty plain. You have a "G" logo at the bottom and then the camera module up at the top. The camera module does look pretty toned down compared to the iPhone 11's camera bump, though not everyone agrees.

Google blacked out the Pixel 4 cameras, which makes it stand out a lot less, and looks pretty nice.


Finally, we also see that orange power button, that looks pretty slick.

October 15th can't come soon enough

We've seen everything there is to know about the Pixel 4 already, but we still have two weeks before the device is going to be announced by Google. Which sounds like an eternity in the tech world.

It's likely that Google does still have some tricks up its sleeve for the Pixel 4 though. So we'll still need to tune into the announcement on October 15, which is taking place at 10AM ET and we'll be there!