Google Pixel 4 – Pricing & Availability

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Google has made the Pixel 4 official, and while it did announce pricing, that price won’t be the same across the board. The Pixel 4 marks the first time that Pixel will be available from all four carriers, so there’s bound to be some differences in pricing.

That means that we need to break down who is selling the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, as well as which carrier or retailer has the best deal. Since it is 2019, and most carriers do offer incentives to get you to buy the latest and greatest smartphone. Typically in the form of a BOGO or a “free” accessory or two.

The Pixel 4 will be going up for pre-order at 12:01AM EST on October 16. With pre-orders shipping by October 24. This is the case for all retailers and carriers.

Pixel 4 PricePixel 4 XL Price
Best Buy$799$899
Google Store$799$899
Google Fi$799$899
T-Mobile$33.34/Month$33.34/Month & $90 down


Amazon is going to be selling the unlocked Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. These will both work on all four US carriers. That includes AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Prices will be the same as everywhere else, $799 for the Pixel 4 and $899 for the Pixel 4 XL. Pre-orders are open now, and interestingly enough, they will ship a bit early, on October 21. According to Amazon’s website.

For a limited time, you can also get a free $100 Amazon Gift Card with your Pixel 4 purchase.

Google Pixel 4 - Amazon



AT&T will be carrying the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. It’ll cost you $28 per month on its NEXT installment plan for the Pixel 4, and $32 per month for the Pixel 4 XL. This does seem lower than the other carriers, but remember this is spread out over 30 months and not 24.

So far, AT&T has not announced any specials or trade-in offers for the Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4 - AT&T


Best Buy

Best Buy will be carrying both models of the Pixel 4, and it will be available in AT&T, Sprint and Verizon variants. You’ll also be able to purchase the Pixel 4 on a payment plan on any of those carriers, in addition to purchasing it outright at the full retail price. But unfortunately, there’s no unlocked model available from Best Buy, that’s at the Google Store only.

Google Pixel 4 - Best Buy

Google Store

Obviously, the Google Store is selling both the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. You’ll be able to buy it outright at the retail price of $799 and $899, respectively. If you want to purchase from the Google Store, but would rather do a payment plan, you’ll need to do it through Google Fi.


Google Pixel 4 - Google Store

Google Fi

Google Fi will offer both devices through its payment plan. So with qualifying credit, you can pay zero down and $33.30/month. You can also buy any of the other Pixel 4 variants and use it on Google Fi. Seeing as the Pixel 4 does have eSIM and Google Fi uses eSIM as well as a physical SIM.

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Google Pixel 4: In Quite Black, Oh So Orange & Clearly White

If you do buy the Pixel 4 through Google Fi, you will get a $100 Fi credit for your account. Which can be enough to pay a few months of your cell phone bill. That might be the most useful promotion for the Pixel 4 right now.


Google Pixel 4 - Google Fi


Sprint has confirmed that it is going to carry both Pixel 4 models. And it is offering a BOGO on its leasing plan. Instead of discounting the Pixel 4 heavily at launch with this leasing plan, it is allowing you to buy one, and get one “one us”, basically buy one, get one free. As long as you do it through its leasing plan.

Prices are going to be the same as over at Google. So that’s $799 for the Pixel 4 and $899 for the Pixel 4 XL. The leasing pricing is quite similar to other carriers. With the Pixel 4 going for $33.30 per month and the Pixel 4 XL going for $37.


Google Pixel 4 - Sprint


The Pixel 4 is going to be available in Just Black and Clearly White for $33.34 per month, or a full retail price of $799. You can jump up to the Pixel 4 XL for $33.34 per month with $99.99 down. That is still a full retail price of $899.

T-Mobile does have a couple of promos available for the Pixel 4. Where you can get a free Pixel 4 or up to $800 off of a Pixel 4 XL, when you trade in an older Pixel phone. This is when you purchase a Pixel 4 on a payment plan.


There is also the ability to trade in your current smartphone (Pixel or not) and get up to $300 off of a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL.

Google Pixel 4 - T-Mobile


Verizon will be selling both Pixel 4 models. The Pixel 4 64GB will cost you $33.33 per month or $799 full retail. The Pixel 4 128GB will be $37.49 per month or $899 full retail, the same as the Pixel 4 XL 64GB. And the Pixel 4 XL 128GB will be $41.66 per month or $999 full retail.

Like the rest of the carriers, Verizon is also offering a BOGO on the Pixel 4. Allowing you to get a Pixel 4 and get one free on Verizon. This also stacks with the $200 switcher Gift Card offer that Verizon is currently offering.

You’ll also be able to trade-in an eligible smartphone and get $450 off of the Pixel 4. Finally, cases and other accessories are going to be 25% off through October 23.

Google Pixel 4 - Verizon