Google Forces Pixel 4 Buyers To Use Wireless Headphones

Google Pixel 4 Hands On AM AH 13

Unlike previous years, Google did not include a pair of USB-C headphones in the box with the Pixel 4. It is also not including a 3.5mm headphone dongle either.

It's taking a page out of Apple's playbook here. As Apple decided to stop including that dongle in the box a couple of years ago. What this means is that everyone's going to need to either go buy their own dongle, or use wireless headphones. And wireless headphones are a much better compromise.

But, on the other hand, this is a puzzling decision by Google, since you can't get the new truly wireless Pixel Buds until "Spring 2020".


Expect more companies to do the same

Just about every smartphone has ditched the headphone jack already, and some are now also ditching the dongle.

This is something that we can see more and more companies doing in the near future.

The big reason for that is because they will make more money selling those dongles to you, then including them for free in the box. These dongles only cost about $5. But imagine if a million people buy that dongle. Google just made $5 million easy.

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It's a business decision at the end of the day. It doesn't mean that we have to like it, that's just how things work out. After all, Google is a business, and does need to make money (though it already makes a ton) to keep its investors happy.

This is sure to annoy some users

Imagine spending $800+ on a new smartphone, only to realize that there's no headphones and no headphone dongle included in the box. So you can't use your existing pair of headphones without spending more money to get a dongle. Pretty annoying, right?

Well that's the world that we live in now.


Though, many have switched over to wireless headphones, and considering how much better wireless headphones have gotten in recent years, it's no surprise that they have.

Wireless headphones have much better battery life, so you won't need to worry about charging them all that often. They also offer much better sound quality which is just as important.

The Pixel 4 is going to cost you $799 and the Pixel 4 XL is $899. The two devices are up for pre-order now, with the devices shipping on October 26. They are pretty good devices, but likely not the smartphone for audiophiles. Not only because of the lack of headphones and dongle, but because Google also ditched the stereo front-facing speakers on the Pixel 4.