You Can Now Use Google's Not-So Secure Face Unlock In Lastpass Beta


Lastpass has just brought support for the Google Pixel 4 face unlock feature to its beta app.

This is going to allow Pixel 4 users to access Lastpass without having to put in their long, complicated password each time. Seeing as there is no fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 4.

It's one of a handful of apps that have recently added face unlock support to its app.


In beta, for now

For now, the face unlock feature is only available in the beta version of Lastpass. But it should make its way over to the stable version of the app within a few weeks. As long as there aren't any major issues with it.

It is still a work in progress though, seeing as it does still show the fingerprint sensor for unlocking the app. With the face unlock prompt over top of it.

But that is a pretty minor thing, and something that they should be able to remove pretty quickly and easily.


If you have a Pixel 4 and use Lastpass, you can sign up for the beta now, and you'll get access to this new version within a few hours (it's usually less, but Google Play does say hours).

Pixel 4 face unlock is not that secure

It's probably a good idea not to use face unlock to secure all of your passwords and sensitive data in Lastpass.

That's because it is not very secure right now. As we've noted here at Android Headlines, you can actually unlock the Pixel 4 using your face, with your eyes closed. This means that someone can point it at your face when you're asleep or even dead, and have access to all of your information. That's not a good look.


To Google's credit, it has said that it will fix that issue. But there's no timeline as to when. Google has only said "in the coming months" which could mean six months or next month. We'll have to wait and see on that front, unfortunately.

It's unfortunate that Google did remove the fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 4, as a lot of us still use that to login to apps like Lastpass, as well as our banking apps. Instead of needing to remember the password.

But thankfully, all apps that support biometrics and are updated after November 1, do have to support Face Unlock. We just hope that Google pushes out that fix for unlocking when your eyes are closed, before that happens.