Here's The Google Pixel 4 In All Three Colors

pixel 4 all colors

Just when you thought we had seen everything there was to see about the Google Pixel 4, we get another leak showing us all of the colors it’ll be available in.

Now we’ve already seen all three of these colors. But they were in separate images. Now they are being shown to us in the same image. So we can really see the three colors together.

As we already knew, there are three colors for the Pixel 4. There’s the Quite Black and Clearly White, that Google does every year. And the new color is going to be “Oh So Orange”.


Pixel 4 is coming in three colors

While there was a leak that surfaced earlier this week, claiming that the Pixel 4 would be coming in a bunch of other colors too – ones that we hadn’t seen before in previous leaks. It looks pretty definite that the Pixel 4 is only coming in these three colors.

For the most part, the Quite Black option is going to be the most popular one. The black ones are usually the default colors for most people. And since most people put a case on their phone, they don’t need a fancy color like the Oh So Orange.

But, Google is bringing back the “Panda” color scheme for the Clearly White model. Which looks really good. The back is white, with the frame, camera module and the front bezels all being black. This is something Google did with the Pixel 2, and didn’t do with the Pixel 3 unfortunately.


There is still a colored power button, at least on the Clearly White. We’re looking at an orange power button, so no mint like on the Clearly White Pixel 3. The Oh So Orange also has a colored power button, but it does look to match the color of the phone – which is more of a peach.

Being announced on October 15

We’re still a few days out from the Pixel 4 announcement on October 15. So we’re likely to still see some more leaks and rumors – surprisingly. Since it seems like we’ve seen everything already.

The Pixel 4 won’t be the only thing being announced at the Made by Google hardware event in New York City. We’re also expecting some new smart home hardware and even a new Pixelbook. So it’s bound to be an exciting event.


But smartphones are still a big deal for Google, and it does get all of the attention.

Which is why most people are interested in the Pixel 4 and not the Pixelbook or the Nest Home Mini, that are expected to be announced.

We’ll be there, of course, to cover everything that Google announces. It’s bound to be a fun event.