Google Supposedly Working On 5G Pixel 4, But It Won't Be Announced Next Week


According to a report coming out of Nikkei Asian Review, Google is working on a 5G Pixel 4 smartphone. But that smartphone won't be launching alongside the Pixel 4 next week at the Made By Google event.

The publication says that it hasn't even started mass production yet, which means that it'll likely launch with the Pixel 4a in the Spring, or possibly even later.

Nikkei Asian Review has been pretty spot on with rumors and leaks in the past. But this one does seem a bit sketchy. Apparently Google could announce the phone next week, but it is very unlikely to go on sale with the Pixel 4.


Of course Google is working on a 5G smartphone

Everyone and we do mean everyone, is working on a 5G smartphone, or have already released one. So it only makes sense that Google would be working on 5G Pixel 4. Even though many people do think its still a bit early for a 5G smartphone.

5G networks aren't really built out, at all yet. If you look at Verizon's network, it's only available in a handful of cities, and even there, it's only on a few streets and mostly on street corners. So it's nowhere near widely available.

However, if the rumor is true, and that it will go on sale in Spring 2020, that would make a lot more sense. As 5G is going to be a lot more widely available next year, than it is right now. And launching it around the same time as the Pixel 4a makes a lot more sense.


Though, that could also ramp up speculation that Google is working on a mid-range 5G smartphone. After all, Qualcomm is bringing its 5G modem down to its mid-range (Snapdragon 600 series) chipsets.

Still expect two Pixel 4 smartphones next week

We're still expecting to only see the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL next week at the event in New York City.

If Google does mention this 5G Pixel, it'll likely be a teaser for next year. Seeing as it is not even in mass production yet, it is definitely nowhere near ready to go on sale. In fact, it has only started test production at this point.


So the road is still a bit long before this one goes on sale.

That's going to be a good thing. 5G smartphones right now are not all that great. They are using first-generation 5G modems, which are not optimized for performance or battery efficiency just yet. Meaning that battery life is pretty subpar. Especially if the Galaxy S10+ 5G and LG V50 ThinQ 5G are anything to go by.

We have seen rumors of a 5G Pixel already, though that was a fake benchmark that was put out by another publication. This one coming from Nikkei Asian Review does seem a lot more credible, especially with it stating that it won't be coming with the Pixel 4 next week.