Google News Has All The Champions League Information You Need

Google News Champions League

Google has announced that Google News now offers much more content on the ongoing Champions League. Champions League match info was available up to this point, along with standings, fixtures, and so forth.

Google News offer detailed Champions League coverage

Well, now, the integration is stronger than ever. The company has announced that from September through May, you can follow along what’s happening in the Champions League “with special experience on Google News”.

All you have to do is search for and follow the Champions League topic on both desktop and mobile in order to get pre-match, live, and post-match updates. On top of that, Google will also push video highlights your way, for every game.


On top of that, you can also dive deep into club and player news. That includes line-ups, game stats, analysis, injury reports, trade rumors, tweets, and much more.

The company has even rolled out the so-called ‘wheel format’ for some information. You will be able to see every upcoming opponent in this format, as part of a huge wheel.

You can check out how it all looks, simply take a glance at the image provided above the article.


This content is available across Android, iOS, and web platforms

Google also noted that this Champions League Google News experience is available across Android, iOS, and web platforms.

Champions League, for those of you who do not know, is the most prestigious club-level soccer / football competition in Europe. Well, many would say that it is the most elite competition of its kind in the world, but only European clubs can compete.

This tournament has been held annually since 1955, and consists of 32 teams. Those teams compete in five rounds in order to secure the title of the best club in European soccer.


The group stage is currently ongoing, with the third round (out of six) played yesterday and today. The final match will be hosted at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul for this season. The final match will be placed on May 30, 2020. So we’re still far away from that.

That is pretty much everything that Google announced regarding the Champions League. We’re sure that many of you have other means of keeping in touch with the Champions League, but if you prefer to use Google News, you can now do that properly. Google News is now filled with Champions League content.

If you’d like to try it out, simply search for and follow the Champions League topic. You can do so by clicking here, and then tapping the ‘Follow’ button.