Avoid Your Next Fashion Faux Pas With Google Lens & Style Ideas


Google has adding a new "style ideas" feature to Google Lens to help you avoid your next fashion faux pas.

Style ideas is live now and can be accessed through Lens in Google Photos or the camera app.

The announcement coincides with the formal introduction of Google's new shopping portal, Google Shopping.


No more wondering if your clothing choices match

Google Lens is not new. Neither is the ability to use Lens to find a product. For example, users can already use Lens on items of clothing to see results for similar items.

Where style ideas comes in, is that it's not only designed to recommend similar items. Instead, the feature can be used to see how other people are wearing the same or similar clothes. More importantly, what other clothing goes well with the item.

This also means the feature is not just for clothing you might buy, but also items you already own. In fact, this was a point Google specifically mentioned in the announcement. As Google puts it, style ideas can help you "give new life to that old sweater you haven't picked up in a year."


Of course, if you are in the market for new clothes this fall, the feature works just the same. Again, as Google points out, whether it's a "leopard print skirt you like on social media" or a "winter coat that catches your eye in a store," style ideas can be used to see what else will work with the item before buying.

Whether the clothing item is old or new, hanging in the closet or a store, to make use of style ideas you just need to snap a picture while the Lens feature is activated in the camera app. If it's an item of clothing you've seen online, then take a screenshot, open the Google Photos app and hit the Google Lens button.

Regardless of the route taken, style ideas recommendations will be visible in the results along with the usual "related results."


Style ideas arrives with the new Google Shopping experience

Today's style ideas announcement came through at the same time as the formal introduction of Google Shopping.

As a replacement for Google Express, Google Shopping lets you shop online and locally for a wide range of products.

Yes, that includes clothing as well. Now, you not only have the option of getting style ideas from Google, but also a new place to buy winter clothes from as well.

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