Google Home Stream Transfer Feature Moves Music Between Rooms

Google Home Mini AM AH 1

Google Home and other Google Assistant-powered products just received the Stream Transfer feature.

This new feature lets you move your streaming music or videos between rooms. Which is especially useful if you have a smart speaker or smart display in more than one room in the home.

Google officially announced the new feature earlier this afternoon, stating it would be rolling out to users today.


Stream Transfer supports Google Home & Nest Home products

The feature may be rolling out today, but to which devices? For starters, the Google Home and Google Home Mini are two of them.

In addition to those old staples in smart speaker technology from Google, Stream Transfer will also support all Nest smart speakers. That's not all though. Users with Nest smart displays and Chromecasts will get the feature too.

It should also work with other Google Assistant-powered smart speakers and displays from third-party brands.

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But, Google hasn't named these specifically so there is a chance they won't work. At least not yet. If you own a couple of the devices that are officially supported, look for the feature and give it a try, as it may be up and running already.

Stream Transfer supports YouTube, Spotify & more

Stream Transfer supports multiple music apps, and YouTube. The compatibility with YouTube is of course for moving videos between smart displays. If you have more than one, this might come in handy.

As for the music apps that are supported, YouTube Music is included, as is Spotify, Pandora, and others. For now, Google Play Music is probably supported as well.


Expect it to stop at some point though as this is being replaced by YouTube Music in the future. Google does note that additional music apps which aren't mentioned can use Stream Transfer, so if you have one you normally use that isn't listed, give it a shot.

By voice or by app

You can use Stream Transfer to move music and videos in two ways. Either by voice or by app.

With voice, simply talk to Google Assistant and ask it to move your media to another room. Simply say something like "hey Google, move the music to the kitchen," and your request will be fulfilled.


On the other hand, if you open up the Google Home app, you can tap on the device or room you want to move your already-playing media to. Both methods are easy, and take little effort. And now, you won't have to restart the request to play the content.