Google Collaborates With Domino's On Pixel 4 Giveaway

Pixel 4 Dominos

In an unorthodox method of advertisement, Google has collaborated with Domino’s to give away Pixel 4 devices.

What at first glance seems like the weirdest company mashup in history is actually Google’s creative way of showing how useful the Pixel 4 can be. Even if you don’t have a hand free to use it.

As part of the team up, Google and Domino’s sent Pixel 4 phones to influencers and phone sales people.


The Pixel 4 was hidden inside Domino’s pizza boxes

Google’s thought process here was that it wants people to take note of how hands-free friendly the Pixel 4 is. To show this, it hid the phones inside Domino’s pizza boxes and had Domino’s deliver them.

People that received the phones would then have a free pizza. And, because their hands were full with a greasy slice, they would need to interact with the phone’s features using their voice or the new Motion Sense feature.

Boxes didn’t just come filled with pizza and a phone though. There were specific instructions on features to try. Which Google is hoping would be touched on by the people it sent the phones to.


If this were the case, then Google would essentially be reaching large audiences. This is because the phones were sent to around 50 influencers and creators, as well as 5,000 phone salespeople.

The idea is that all the influencers would be able to share the experience with their followers. While the phone salespeople would try out the features and then extol the virtues of the phone to their customers.

Sending the device to phone salespeople is a calculated move

Google didn’t just make a random decision to send a bunch of free Pixel 4s to various phone salespeople. It’s a calculated move. And one that may pay off very well.


The Pixel 4 is going to be officially available at all major US carriers. Meaning the more sales associates at those carriers that have the phone the better the chances are that they’ll try and sell the device.

The Pixel 4 is the first phone in Google’s Pixel series of phone to actually make it to all four of the major US carriers. Past devices have only every been officially available through Verizon.

However, the phones have always worked on all four of the carriers. Since they were available unlocked from Google as well. All customers had to do was pop their SIM card in and everything worked as intended.