Google Announces Nest Wifi System With "More Powerful" Router

Nest Wifi

Google’s new Nest Wifi system is now official and it comes with a more powerful router.

According to Google, the system as a whole is more powerful than Google Wifi as well. This is due to a handful of improvements that Google has made to the hardware. And it shows. On paper at least.

In its official announcement, Google listed off a few numbers for people could expect when compared to the older system. Alongside Nest Wifi, Google also announced a range of other new products, including the new Pixel Buds, and the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. It also announced the launch date for Stadia.


The new Nest Wifi system delivers two times faster speeds

Google Wifi was a great first product for people looking into a mesh router system. Nest Wifi is taking that base product of a great setup and making it even better. How? With faster internet.

Google says that Nest Wifi is capable of delivering speeds that are up to two times faster than Google Wifi. Even if you have a fast router, there’s nothing wrong with having even better speeds.

In addition to the speed boost, Nest Wifi is also capable of reaching more of the home. Compared to Google Wifi it has up to 25-percent more area coverage, which means you have a better chance of getting and keeping a strong signal. Not only that, you have a better chance of keeping the faster speeds, too.

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A new look for a more visually pleasing design aesthetic

Google has not only improved the performance of its new Wifi system but it has also improved the design.

While still generally small and cylindrical like Google Wifi, Nest Wifi has rounded edges and a sort of softer design. The new system also comes in a variety of color options.

Nest Wifi colors


Instead of just plain white, Nest Wifi comes in three available options, which include Snow, Sand, and Mist. All of these are muted as well. So while the white is still white, it doesn’t give of a sheen look as it’s more matte.

The same goes for the Sand and Mist options, making them all capable of blending into the rest of the home decor quite well.

Nest Wifi is up for pre-order and launches November 4

Nest Wifi won’t officially launch until November 4. You can pre-order it already though. A two-pack goes for $269, but you can bump that to a three-pack if you need. The cost for the three-pack is $349.


That said many people may not need more than the two pack, as it will cover 3,800 square feet within the home. When the system launches, it will initially be available in eight global markets. This includes the US.